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Imams Express Concern over President Koroma’s Replacement in 2017

Imams Express Concern over President Koroma’s Replacement in 2017

Freetown: A cross-section of the Muslim community comprising seventeen mosques in the Western Area of Freetown has expressed concern over who will adequately replace His Excellency Dr Ernest Bai Koroma in 2017. They made this observation during the Ashuraff Islamic Union meeting with President Koroma at State House.

“Considering your sterling performance since you assumed the mantle of leadership in 2007, coupled with the trust and confidence you have restored in the international community to continue to support Sierra Leone, we are worried and concerned over your replacement when you shall have retired in 2017,” Sheik Abu Bakar  Kanu told the Chief Executive.

“We are worried about your replacement after you shall have retired in 2017,” he emphasized, and went on to rhetorically ask, “Who will replace you? Who will be our next liberator after you shall have left in 2017?”

Sheik Kanu noted that he was convinced that the ongoing unprecedentedly massive development and transformation taking place all across the country and the enviable atmosphere of religious tolerance prevailing in our communities are enough to give President Koroma a second term to continue and finish his plans for the country’s transformation.

Sheik Abu Bakarr Kanu also noted that residents of Wilkinson Road were very proud of President Koroma and expressed delight about the brighter direction towards which President Koroma is taking Sierra Leone.

“We are always praying for you and educating our people not to forget about your good works because we believe that you are a Muslim as your behaviour portrays you as a true Muslim,” he said.

Another eminent member of the Ashuraff Islamic Union, Sheik Juana appealed to government through President Koroma for the provision of Hajj scholarships and other Islamic educational opportunities to enhance the knowledge of the one God. He disclosed that Muslims in their mosque dedicate the reading of the Holy Quran for the President on every Thursday.

“We are always praying that you continue to put Sierra Leone on the map”, Sheik Juana said.

The Fountain of Honour and the indomitable Father of the Nation, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma profusely thanked the esteemed Imams for the visit saying that that the sentiments expressed by the Muslim community will go a long way in motivating him to do more and more, and it will also restore confidence in the country.

“We met Freetown in darkness, and then we brought electricity. Our roads were in bad shape with poor network all over the country, and now we have paved the roads from Freetown to Bo, Bo to Kenema, and even to Kailahun because it is better now than yesterday,” President Koroma confidently analyzed.

He assured that government will do all the major roads in the country, including the widening of the Mabang Bridge, the Rogbere Bridge, the Pujehun Bridge (among a list of others), to make the country accessible to every Sierra Leonean.

“Investors are coming to Sierra Leone not because we are at war, but because we are moving ahead with development and opening up our country for investment,” he maintained. “This Government”, President Koroma continued, “has offered more jobs than ever before. We are working hard because we believe that our people deserve it, and we are happy that our people are well aware of what is happening in the country today”.

He said government is determined to continue with the good work and by next year it will roll out the “Agenda for Prosperity”, adding that, government’s approach is not about “hala hala” (meaning noise), but a rather different one that focuses on the idea that Sierra Leone should be built by Sierra Leoneans.

“Therefore when we talk as politicians, we should back our voice with action, and by God’s grace after the election you will see more development in Sierra Leone”, he vowed.

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