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Confusion and disappointment with NATCOM …

Confusion and disappointment with NATCOM …

We have been trying, but it is an impossible situation to comprehend why certain nationally honoured and recognized institutions keep failing themselves in failing the masses.

The masses may be harmless, but never powerless!

Today’s edition features the National Telecommunications Company (NATCOM).  Whilst NATCOM keeps assuring Sierra Leoneans about one thing, those they claim to be superior do something contrary.

Due to the persistent nature of the atmosphere, we have far exceeded the state of confusion and disappointment – we are frustrated.  NATCOM keeps dishing out press releases about the stable nature of airtime credit and their control over situation, but the prices are skyrocketing. Can we ever imagine any unstable situation as this?

Worst of all, mobile companies are taking Sierra Leoneans for granted. They are worried less about updating their service providers on the poor quality of service as their networks these days are as unpredictable as the weather in England.  This is not what we bargain for.

Are NATCOM telling us that they are unaware of all these developments? The answer is an emphatic NO! However, they cannot blame mobile companies for such lame services. The blame squarely lies on NATCOM because they in the first place need to realize that not matter the relationship between them and mobile companies, the crux behind their existence is to put the interest of subscribers always first.

If on the other hand NATCOM is incapable of correcting errors, let the people be informed as there are countless solutions around.  The world is moving too fast and we don’t wish to lag behind.

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  • Fellows, please check http://www.facebook.com/sierraleoneconsumeradvocacygroup and let’s have your opinion on how to protect consumers in Sierra Leone. I think its time for some serious consumer protection acts, better Business Bureaus and consumer product/service review services in Sierra Leone. I just returned from a 28 days trip and had so many bad experiences especially with the Telecom and ISP’s that I cannot wait to share my story in public. Hundreds and thousands of consumers are being scammed because they are not aware of what they are buying and the companies, organizations and Government are not educating them. Most people have no time to fight for what is right even when they recognize they are being treated badly. Who is responsible to enforce consumer protection laws, Has anyone or group ever sued a company for cheating consumers? When are we going to make the first case to set an example to proof a point that Sierra Leone is not a dumping ground and everyone is not stupid or easy to be bribed with money? Do we have a consumer protection act in Sierra Leone? If so where can I find a copy? If not are we going to have one in parliament?

    3rd August 2012

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