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President Koroma assures criminal libel law review in 3 years

President Koroma assures criminal libel law review in 3 years

Freetown – The President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma has assured journalists that his Government will review Part V of the 1965 Public Order Act, which criminalizes libel.

Speaking at a press conference at State House on Tuesday 8 December 2009, the president reiterated his election campaign promise, saying that aspects of the law were bad and needed a review. He went further this time to commit himself to a timeframe when he said, “[a review] will be done before the end of my first term as President”. That first term ends in 2012.

The president of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), Umaru Fofana, has welcomed the latest pronouncement calling it “encouraging”. While urging President Koroma to speed up the process, he said he looked forward to holding further discussions with the head of state and parliamentarians to address the public’s concerns and chart a way forward to make real the de-criminalization of libel. “This law was as bad yesterday as it is bad today; and must therefore have no place in a civilized society”, Fofana said.

Criminal and Seditious Libel Law under which a journalist, a broadcaster, a newspaper vendor, a printer or even a poet and an author of a book can be imprisoned instead of fined, has been denounced by press freedom campaigners as a backward law which seeks to muzzle freedom of speech and expression. It has been repealed in many countries including Ghana, which has gained worldwide acclaim lately for its good governance and law reforms.

In February 2008, SLAJ went to the Supreme Court to seek a repeal of the law. The court ruled unfavorably on the basis that journalists were under no imminent danger, something dismissed by SLAJ. The association, which has been widely praised for its renewed drive in seeking a repeal of the law in the last one year, has resolved to lobby the presidency and Parliament to achieve its aim.

Ismael Koroma, National Assistant Secretary General, SLAJ, Freetown

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