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After Arresting Over 57 Witches…SLITHU President Kabbah Declares Operation Cleansing

After Arresting Over 57 Witches…SLITHU President Kabbah Declares Operation Cleansing

President of the Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union, Alhaji Dr. Sulaiman Kabbah has told Sierra Express Media that the days of wicked powers are over.  (Photo: President Kabba responding to questions posed to him by SEM’s Editor in an exclusive interview)

Dr. Kabbah was responding to questions posed to him by Sierra Express Media on what his union is doing to curtail the spate of incessant killings done by witch doctors in the country.

In response he said he is the first ever elected president to man the affairs of native herbalists and traditional sorcerers in the country adding that he is tasked with the responsibility of transforming them into healers and not killers.

He said his union is in a spate of sporadic disarmament at the moment and his team is closely monitoring and hunting members of their union and none members to ensure that they work and abide by their rules of engagement.

Asked what the union is doing to come against those among them that politicians would hire to eliminate their opponents, he said such was the thrust of his mission at the moment.

“As we speak, I have two persons in my custody who were arrested by members of the union on allegations that they hunted, destroyed and killed in recent times, innocent persons using rituals means.

Sierra Express Media spoke to the accused persons, one 45 year old Tamba Mansaray of No. 7 Kambia Road, Port Loko Town, and one 53 year old Alimamy Sesay of Buya Romende.

The first accused, Tamba Manaray, married, with two children, said he has a winnower which he uses to lynch persons if a client pays him on the average one million five hundred thousand Leones. He said he uses Cola nut, mutilates it with a razor and gets some herbs mixed with it to carry out the execution of persons. He said when the process is completed a pool of blood will bleed through the glass and the person whose name was brought to him would die. He confessed to have killed two persons prior to his arrest

The second accused Alimamy Sesay, 53, is married with 9 children. He said he uses an instrument called “Tompang”, which is in the form a Rocket Propel Grenade (RPG).

The 53 year old told Sierra Express Media that he calls people’s names on the charm and commands it to inflict humans with whatever illness or death the wish-bearer purposed it to be.

Dr. Alhaji Kabbah said such precedents are a clear pointer to the very fact that the dregs of society such as those named herbalists are in for nothing than to destroy humanity.

On a whole, Dr. Kabbah said his union has made a couple of arrests in the recent past bringing the number to over 57 culprits. He said foreign nationals from Mali, Senegal, and the Gambia have been coming to practice as herbalists in the country, falling foul of the laws of the union which prohibit killing and afflicting humans.

Every herbalist, native sorcerer, and marabou priest that wants to operate as a professional in this country has to receive my consent and acknowledgement before they are free under the laws to operate said Alhaji Kabbah.

At the moment he said the Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union is poised to establish and replicate its reputation across the country and the sub-region.

He told Sierra Express that June 30 is a date his union has set aside to launch its official presence in the eastern town of Kenema as they currently have membership strength of 27,000 persons across the land.

The Sierra Leone Indigenous Traditional Healers Union is one of the newest innovations in the West African sub-region, established to combat societal menace. The union is having tradition and culture as its center focus, exhibiting its fullest values.

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