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Exclusive interview with Dalphin Alexandra Sierra Leone’s rep at Big Brother Africa

Exclusive interview with Dalphin Alexandra Sierra Leone’s rep at Big Brother Africa

Princetta Williams of Sierra Express Media  and Universal Radio had this revealing interview with Dalphin Alexandra who represented Sierra Leone in the Big Brother Africa competition currently hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa. She explains why she was evicted and a couple of other issues surrounding her future career.

Let us hear your name?

Okay, I’m Dalphin Alexandra and one of the Big Brother Africa star competition representatives from Sierra Leone.

You were evicted recently from one of Africa’s biggest reality TV shows – Big Brother  which is currently hosted in South Africa, what was it like?

Well, first it wasn’t really easy because I and Zainab had to sacrifice ourselves by first coming here for the audition and later went to South Africa for the final audition. After that we had to go again to South Africa for medical test such as HIV and others tests.

Just after your eviction, so many people here in Sierra Leone  were saying that you were laid back too much in the house and so that was why you were evicted. What’s your take on that?

Well I don’t think I was; and I believe even Zainab and the viewers themselves can attest to that, as my experience in the house was not like, I went there to sleep, because I did lots of  things like cooking and cleaning, in the house.

Now you are back home not long after the competition started, did you regret any thing at all?

Honestly, I’m happy that I took part in the competition, now that I’m home I have no regret  at all  because, while in South Africa, we were treated like  VIP’s with all those celebrated interviews and plenty other  things. Mind you, I never thought that this thing might come to reality but I’m glad it did, I took part and had the experience.

Now Dalphin, so many DSTV subscribers and viewers here in Sierra Leone interpreted the Big Brother Show in different ways, how can you interpret the show being that you took part in it?

Big Brother Africa is a very big show; in fact when I get to Emmet’s office, I was surprised at the size of it as it was like a whole city. The BBA itself is a very big company, I should say, and the way we the housemates see things in the house is different from the way the viewers do. The way the BBA chooses characters, judges and assesses the inmates is much more different. Whilst in the house, we don’t even know when it’s day and when its night.

Many people have been saying that neither you nor Zainab actually came to Sierra Leone for the audition and that you two were just being handpicked. Where you here for the BBA audition organized by the transnational group?

I’m very happy that this issue came in this interview. We were instructed not to tell any body apart from our parents of our coming to Sierra Leone for the audition because they wanted it to be a surprise. So our coming to Sierra Leone was never announced. All that matters is that we were at the audition and we qualified for the competition.

Dalphin, Is there any thing that you miss most, now that you are out of the BBA competition?

Unexpectedly, everyone went with a crazy character in the house and for me I actually went with a plan to suppress the Nigerians in the house so as not to allow them score points against Sierra Leone, but what I miss most is the plans of having the Nigerians evicted before exhibiting my plans.

We’ve heard so much about the house and some of the odd stuff that takes place, like having sex, etc. Do such things actually take place in the house?

Yes of course, it happens, but remember everyone has a different character knowing that I wasn’t representing myself but my country therefore I did everything possible to keep the flag of Sierra Leone flying high alongside my integrity and pride.

What would you expect Sierra Leonean to come in the BBA competition?

Zainab needs our support more than ever and I would like to promise that I will do all I can to see her win the completion. In this regard I’m kindly asking all sierra Leoneans to support by voting online for Zainab in the competition.

Thanks for granting us this interview

You are most welcome

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