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Kono Diamond Chair Denies Bribing Mines Engineer

Kono Diamond Chair Denies Bribing Mines Engineer

The Kono District Diamond Dealer Chairman, Mr. Musa Manso, aka Kono Mansa, has described a recent report in a local tabloid alleging he attempted to bribe the newly appointed mines engineer in Kono as a false report meant to tarnish his good image.

Speaking to Sierra Express Media in an exclusive inclusive interview, Kono Mansa said the report is the figment of the reporter’s information and said there was no meeting in which he tried to bribe Dr. Bangura, the Mines Engineer $15,000 so that he will allow the dealers to operate without licenses as stated in the newspaper and said the journalist who made the report is the type of person corrupting the country and creating mischief in the minds of others.

The Kono Diamond Dealer’s Chairman said there is no reason for him to give the mines engineer $15,000. “I am not the type of person going around bribing people,” he emphatically stated, and said why should he bribe the Mines engineer when he is happy with the government which he said is his government. “The APC government is our government and it is here for us so why should I bribe?”

Kono Mansa went on further to state that as chairman of the Diamond Dealers Association in Kono district, he is happy with the recent reduction of the dealers license from 3,200 US dollars to 1,700 US dollars by the government. “We are all ready to continue taking licenses because of the lowering of the cost licenses so why should I bribe the Mines engineer when I can use the same money to get more than seven licenses, so you can see that this journalist is just writing nonsense,” he said.

Mr. Musa Manso went on further to praise the APC government and the Mines minister for the lowering of the dealer’s agent’s licenses to $750. “We are really happy and this is part of what I told the Mines engineer but which was not published but instead a totally false story was written,” he said. 

Speaking on development under his chairmanship, Kono Mansa said their association has built a school in Koaquima, on the outskirts of Koidu Town at a cost of $75 million, and have handed it over to the community. He also revealed that they are working on modalities to give 200 scholarships to deserving and underprivileged pupils in primary schools in the district. “Building schools and providing scholarships are part of our social responsibilities to our community and this is what I have been doing, including working for the welfare of members of my association as my mandate and not in frivolously wasting money which I do not even have,” he said.

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