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SLPP cry foul over selective justice

SLPP cry foul over selective justice

Members of the opposition Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP) have been crying of late that the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) led government is treating justice in the country on a selective basis.

Speaking on this issue, Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie, the opposition’s scribe at the just concluded trial of SLPP Chairman of Ward (369), Aziz Carew and his accomplice Abdul Quee, charged for stabbing Lansana Fadika and perpetrating crimes of electoral violence in a bye election held in the Fourah bay community few months back, is one that opposition members are saying toes the line of discriminatory justice.

Sulaiman Banja Tejansie questioned the APC led government’s approach of justice in a manner it is now being described as selective, as he puts it: “there is one justice for SLPP activists and members on one hand and there is quite another for APC activists and members.”

It could be recalled that the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Musa Tarawallie, presidential bodyguard Idrissa Kamara (aka Leather Boot), close protection guard Yete Yete and others were named in the Shears Moses report following the outcome of an inquest president Koroma commissioned to establish the kingpins of political violence in the wake of the Kono riot shootout, the excrement painting incident also in Kono, the Tongo riot and the infamous Kenema riots.

The Shears Moses report came clear with the aforementioned names and went further to suggest that these individuals should be banned from holding public offices for the next five years in the country.

In similar vain, members of the opposition found wanting on similar accounts of perpetrating political unrest were subsequently charged to court and proffered sentences for their misdemeanors.

The opposition are displeased over the fact that a plethora of riots and violent conduct were being carried out by members of the ruling party in burning and vandalizing the premise of the opposition (SLPP) party without recourse.

An example in question cites the multiple setting ablaze of offices of the SLPP at Wallace Johnson Street in just few days when the APC assumed state power depicts the relics which fail to toe the new line of justice the opposition is chased with. Opposition members like the Hon. Foday Rado Yokie, Aziz Carew, Abdul Quee and others have all served the living examples.

The issue of the Aljazeera Timbergate scam which involved Alex Mansaray, Momoh Konte and the Vice President is another which clearly explains the selective justice we are talking about as we see few out of the many indicted are being finally charged to court leaving those many have been calling the biggger fishes.

Many political pundits are raising serious doubts as to whether the APC Party will command the majority of votes compared to their 2007 elections bid.

Many are left to wonder as the November polls are closely approaching, the faith of voters security when it appears that political mayhem are being unleashed under the compromise of the ruling class.

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