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As ACC awaits witness for May 21 – Sorious Samura blasts Sierra Leone

As ACC awaits witness for May 21 – Sorious Samura blasts Sierra Leone

The Anti Corruption Commission’s (ACC) chief witness in the Aljazeera timber documentary trial, Sorious Samura, brandished Sierra Leone on the airwaves of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) last week (Thursday) at around 2:30 a.m. calling it fragmented along with regional links and political colours.

Sorious was promoting a documentary on Rwanda and the presenter was curious to know how he rates his country of birth, Sierra Leone in comparison to Rwanda.  In reply, Sorious said Sierra Leone is the direct opposite of Rwanda in a sense that there is no individual that is pulling Paul Gagame down in Rwanda.

Sorious Samura said if the last five years are anything to go by, then Sierra Leone is totally lost. His statement coincides at time when President Ernest Bai Koroma was just returning from a very successful tour of the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone.

The massive enthusiastic turn out of the residents of that part of the country, which incidentally is not the President’s region of birth, tells a contrasting story from what Sorious would want the world to believe.

President Koroma was hailed as Joshua and Moses in Kailahun District in the eastern region of the country and it tells that he is busy unifying and solidifying the kiths of the land.

President Koroma hails from the Northern Region but is not restricting his agenda for change as it has touched every corner of Sierra Leone. This is to say President Koroma is definitely colour-blind because his appointments to key positions only ask for merit and not party cards.

“Our poor old amateur actor Sorious Samura is proving every day that he is not fit in any way to be called a journalist,” said an anonymous political analyst.  The analyst said Sorious is always thriving negative sentiments about his motherland or better still mother continent because the Rwanda piece he is currently promoting is the first and only positive story he has to tell about Africa as a continent.

This analyst said Sorious can be excused because he is ill informed about the development strides that are currently taking place in the country.

Isha Sesay is one good example who does not carry a big brush painting Sierra Leone black.

A lot of positive things have happened in Sierra Leone in the last five years to fill hours and hours of broadcast if only Sorious has the eyes to see them. To quote Attila: “even if you are blind you can see that Sierra Leone is moving forward”.

What is even more intriguing in all this is the fact that Sorious is expected to appear as principal witness for the ACC on May 21st, 2012 in the timber documentary trial ongoing at the High Court of Sierra Leone.  His appearance and what he might say in court are a major doubt following an inconsistency in his statements.

Synopsis of what he might say in court as issued by the ACC has it that, Sorious Samura will say: He is a journalist working for the Aljazeera TV.  He was the producer of the documentary that was aired by the Aljazeera TV on the 23rd of November, 2011, titled “Africa Investigates: Sierra Leone Timber”.  He was also head of the team that came to Sierra Leone.  He will add that Sierra Leone is a lost cause and we need to naturalize Paul Gagame, the current president of Rwanda.

Just when he was busy on BBC promoting Rwanda Football, Sierra Leone was climbing steeply in the FIFA and CAF rakings, going above Nigeria for the first time.

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  • Sorious Samura is as patriotic as any hustler in Sierra Leone. His investigative journalism should not be discarded and disrespected. This guy wants to see a better Sierra Leone free of corruption, mismanagement, praise-singing thugs and yellow journalism.
    Sorious is apolitical in all his works and has a great love for Sierra Leone.

    23rd May 2012
  • Dear Sorius,we all recognise you as an international journalist with integrity, so please keep up with your good work and do not mind our praise singin local journalists, who jump from one part to another just to fill their pockets

    16th May 2012

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