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Viridis Africa 2012, where entrepreneurs and innovators meet with green investors

Viridis Africa 2012, where entrepreneurs and innovators meet with green investors

Following on the success of the launch of Viridis Africa 2011, where more than 20 major investment opportunities were presented to prospective investors, Viridis Africa is now soliciting business plans in the clean tech industry from entrepreneurs seeking funding to turn their projects to account.

Viridis Africa as its name suggests in Latin, is about investment into “green” sustainable technologies and projects, presented by entrepreneurs and corporates who are seeking funding to introduce clean technology solutions and services.

Principals who would present their business opportunities at this clean technology venture capital, private equity and debt financing event would have the audience of numerous local and foreign investors, stratified according to their sectoral interest and investment criteria.

This year Viridis Africa will introduce foreign companies who wish to deploy their technology solutions encapsulated into regional commercial ventures, seeking local business partners and co-investors.

It is expected that numerous parties from USA, Europe, China, and India will be attending the event to obtain a firsthand overview of clean tech opportunities in the region.

Investors would include venture capital, private equity, project and corporate finance outfits and private investors focused in environmental technologies. They would also include international funding agencies, major Asian industrial conglomerates, technology specific investment funds and major companies who seek strategic alliance and acquisitions.

The following are some of the clean tech sub-sectors in which principals may consider their company or clean tech initiative being presented:

  • Clean Energy Generation: Wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, geothermal, clean coal technologies
  • Storage: Fuel cells, advanced batteries, hybrid systems
  • Infrastructure: Management, transmission
  • Efficiency: Building efficiency, smart grids, waste heat recovery
  • Water & waste water: Water treatment, water conservation, waste water treatment, desalination
  • Recycling & waste: Recycling, waste treatment, organic matter, plastics

Presenters will have the opportunity to introduce their investment case to interested parties throughout the lifecycle of their business, i.e. from conceptual, early stage / startup through to established business.

The event will also introduce parties with complementary technologies and business models to one another to explore mutually beneficial opportunities.

In the main the conference and its exhibition will endeavour to bring about a vibrant “market platform” for entrepreneurs and corporates to propose and conclude investment deals with funders.

Although the event is to be held once a year, it is designed to give the participants long term continuity vis a vis  the provision of web-based interaction platforms, inducing social networks such as the Sub-Saharan Africa Sustainable Energy group  on Linkedin.com.

In addition it is intended to hold Viridis Africa within individual countries in Africa, as and when greater interest and support is gained in a particular country.

The deadline for business proposal submission is 30th of August 2012 and should be forwarded to suza@viridisafrica.com.

An executive business summary of the proposed clean tech technology, project or company is required in order for the organiser, Spindle Communications, to match the business proposal with the appropriate theme and funders. Importantly participants need to indicate the funds they seek and the principal terms for investors’ participation.

Visit www.viridisafrica.com for more information.

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