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The APC/NA factor: What the Dallas Chapter can do to maintain its reputation

The APC/NA factor: What the Dallas Chapter can do to maintain its reputation

In less than twenty-four hours after she returned from the funeral service of her mother in Freetown, the vice president of the All People’s Congress Social and Cultural group (APC/SC), Pastor Mrs. Florence Bangura (in photo), summoned an emergency meeting to give report of the recent Diaspora meeting in Freetown and to address urgent matters that her group need to pursue.

The meeting was held at the residence of the group’s Secretary General, Mr. Cornelius McCarthy at Wyle in north Dallas, Texas, on Saturday April 14, 2012. The guest of honor was the National Coordinator and second in command for Attitudinal and Behavioral Change (ABC), Ms. Nanette Thomas who was the APCNA Dallas president until she was called up for national duty in Sierra Leone.

In her opening remarks, Pastor Florence explained the political momentums that have made a difference in shaping the lives of people in Sierra Leone. These include voter’s registration enthusiasm and the nations’ freedom of speech. She reiterated that the party needs logistic support for the elections and heavily pinpointed that Diasporas cash contribution is vital.

Given an account of APC/NA Diaspora presentation, The Dallas Chapter Vice president said that the Diaspora presentation to support the forth-coming general elections was a right direction but noted that it is just the beginning of the challenging game that we are hoping to win if the Diaspora support flows significantly. She urged her chapter to set the pace and take the lead to maintain its honor and pride that the president and the U.S Ambassador Stevens have cultivated. The group should stand firm as a party branch in a unique way, she asserted.

Mrs. Florence Bangura, a daughter of the former APC Secretary General, Mr. E.T Kamara, believes that to maintain a highly efficient mechanism of social control of the APC/NA branch, Dallas should serve as a fortress to the North American branch for party sustainability. Despite many members of the chapter are critical of the current administration of the branch headquarter in Washington; Mrs. Bangura challenged her chapter to move forward and encourage members to evaluate their memberships to move into more effective directions. She emphasized that cash donation is the best supportive organ to accomplish the elections campaign purpose.

APC Social Cultural Group, Dallas, Texas, USA

The guest of honor, Ms. Nanette Thomas stormed the meeting later as a full fledge membership of the chapter. When given the mandate to speak, Ms Thomas, aka Iron Lady, analyzed the social trends of the APC party and defined issues that the Dallas chapter in particular, and the entire Diasporas should be aware of. She explained where the APC party has come from and where it is heading towards. She said Freetown has a lot of respect for the Dallas Texas chapter; therefore, members should try to keep up to that good name.

Ms. Nanette Thomas was the third president of the chapter since its inception in 2001 after the founding father, Mr. Sheku Tejan Koroma, former Minister of Health and Sanitation left for the 2002 elections. The second president was Paul Koroma who just served the group for only three months. Nanette Thomas returned home mid last year to take the position of National Coordinator and second in Command, Attitudinal and Behavioral Change (ABC).

In the meeting, the conversation to ensure victory on forth-coming elections energizes the beautiful living room of the McCarthy home, the food was wonderful and the atmosphere felt comfortable to everyone in attendance.

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas Chief

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