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Relationship Bouncers

Relationship Bouncers

Whether we like it or not there’s always going to be people in our relationships that can help influence it positively or negatively. No matter what we say or do to solidify our relationship, we do need help now and then from certain people like the popular song ‘Lean on Me’ “We all need somebody to lean on…” We may not like it but that’s just the way it’s got to be Reader. It will make things a whole lot easier although at times complicated. It’s a myth that most guys are emotionally stunted.

The truth is they actually rely heavily on a friend’s judgment unlike a woman. A guy would introduce you to his friends to see you in the eyes of others and how well you get along with his poker mates. He’s not expecting you to be best friends with them or a phone call away rather he wants to test your personality and qualities to mix and bond and who is better than his friends to make or break the deal?

You must be the kind of woman his friends would love to have in their lives, and be as natural as you can because trust me, they can spot a fake, a mile off. Do not put yourself up on that mighty pedestal or else they would have high expectations of you and what happens when you can’t deliver? Rather, surprise them with your qualities, personality, character and stability and you’ll soon have them eating out of your hands. Bingo Reader because you would then have your man eating out of your hands too!

One thing you must not do is FLIRT with them. Trust me on this one Reader, because I learnt that lesson the hard way!

Guys have a way of trying it on no matter what for most it’s just a game and so beware so as not to fall victim to your man’s extremely rich handsome friend’s charms. You might think it innocent but Reader men are very complex people and they might see it as a danger signal of you being a ‘loose easy’ woman. Getting to know his friends and them getting to know you is one step to knowing about the future of your relationship, or lack of it.

One big mighty mountain to move to secure your relationship is getting past your man’s mother. Guys love their mothers and would do anything for them. Mums would always think that you’re not good enough for their sons and you would try all you can to get a mere approval from them which seal the deal. One way to guard yourself from the wrath of a prospective mother-in-law is don’t be too overeager to please or else you would find yourself being manipulated into funny positions like cleaning the toilet. At first meetings there is bound to be a lot of fake joviality but keep your distance until you’ve properly established a mutual ground of respect and understanding. In the meantime just send her flowers, and write her thank you notes. If you’re brave enough you can bake her cake but don’t expect miracles overnight Reader. 

Things are bound to get a bit tough in your relationship when your man has a kid. She’s willful, spoilt rotten and she hates you for taking her mum’s place or worse for stealing attention from herself. Oh and her daddy, your man adores and thinks the world of her. That is one tricky situation where most times you want to spank her spoilt bottom or just give her the good news (though in her case bad) that you are here to stay and just ignore her tantrums and tricks or you want to play along with her by being nastier. I would say “Atta girl!” No I’m only joking! You have to proceed with care. He may be sizing up your maternal instincts and maturity so rather than just giving in to your whims (well-deserved) try to be patient and firm. If all fails you can bribe her with chocolate which is a mutual understanding between females. Chocolate brings females closer and through that you can reach a level of understanding. Getting along with his friends, mum and daughter is a criteria you must abide to Reader, to help solidify your relationship.

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