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She said it to my ear!

She said it to my ear!

She crawled up to me like a phantom

Ready to spew forth her dreaded venom

That is currently a global phenomenon.

You wouldn’t believe how she ssssssssshhh!

I guess you need silence to know the next thing.


She posed, while I assayed her purpose

And honestly, she had a purpose, I suppose,

That renders the healthy human indisposed.

But she didn’t know I was poised to oppose

Expose, compose and even have her disposed.



The next thing I heard was






‘‘I am always here, was what she said to my ear

And will always be throughout the months of the year

I rock, suck, I am the worst threat and a dreaded killer

That slays dozens per second, thousands by the hour.

I burn with a very high fever that affects the liver

I’m distinguished, suspected in almost every funeral.

Of course, each move I make to the human is lethal

My off springs are uncountable as the human hair

A battalion to me is the population in India and China’’.


She is vicious, friends and all beware

She is one of the worst murderers in Africa

That loves to breed in any unkempt area

Her name is Anopheles, and she causes Malaria.


Our hearts bleed with pain each day throughout the year

For the young jaundiced boy or girl with paroxysmal fever

The dying youth in the North, East, West and Southern Africa

The fever stricken-emaciated… in Asia, Europe or America

Prompts the whole human race to radically eliminate Ms Malaria

And together we can kick Ms Anopheles off the human era!



A campaign against Malaria

Dedicated to the ‘child of the universe’.

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    28th March 2012

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