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APC’s Balugun on SLPP Bio’s neck

APC’s Balugun on SLPP Bio’s neck

APC National Campaign Coordinator for the 2012 election, Leonard Balugun Koroma  told Sierra Express in an interview that President Koroma is going for a second term clean sweep in the November 17th polls as his record is clean.

He said a plethora of reasons have manifested explanations on President Koroma’s track record and level of performance which cuts various spheres of developments in the country.  Balugun said President Koroma has witnessed developments in the country from ensuring good road infrastructures to electricity, from free healthcare, to gender empowerment, and into improving the country’s economy.

He said President Koroma posit as a leader president who actually came and broke Siaka Stevens’ record in whose name plenty developments were written in Sierra Leone. Lugus said Maada Bio’s image is rough with his coup d’état involvement in the 1990s, which characterised the ousting of President Joseph Saidu Momoh’s legitimate tenure.

As to why the APC is always making reference to Maada Bio’s track record, Balugun said it is important to keep the nation with a constant reminder to beware of those personalities around the presidency who have stained records. On this he claimed that Maada Bio’s past is now hunting him and will soon account what tendency he has.

Balugun draws a leaf on retired Captain Valentine Strasser’s recent speech which he said indicts Maada Bio’s attitude as a leader of having a violent past.

Tune in tomorrow to read more on Sierra Express Media’s exclusive interview with Leonard Balugun Koroma.

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  • I have tried to exercise patience as much as I could, by telling myself that things would improve, but it seems this is a forlorn hope. And perhaps what is even worse is the fact that the relevant authorities refuse to tell us the truth, or sometimes lie to us deliberately. So what was all this trumpeting about “Bumbuna”? What really is the problem with Bumbuna? Are we not entitled to know the facts? I have heard several stories about Bumbuna, including that NPA is paying SALCOST or whosoever else for whatever electricity they are able to produce, meaning that Bumbuna does not really belong to the people of Sierra Leone (as we thought.) Is this true or not? And in any case why are we still suffering for electricity? It seems that changing the Minister has not really made much difference at NPA, so Papa Government what are you doing now?? This “No Power Available” situation is causing all sorts of problems for the citizens of Sierra Leone, and I think it is High time something is done about it, instead of feeding “terminological inexactitudes” to us over SLBC and SLTV all the time.

    Please don’t forget this is an election year, and am sure you know what that means. If Williams Shakespeare will forgive me, “the most unkindest cut of all” was when NPA lest us down both at Easter and over the Independence Holidays; many citizens could not drink cold water or cold soft drinks or even star beer, nor could they watch TV or even play music to celebrate. Papa Government and NPA, we the citizens of Freetown demand to known what is going on!! We cannot remain suffering in silence anymore. Much the same applies to Guma Valley Water Co. they have also been letting us down too.

    Again I have heard all sorts of stories about the Guma Dam itself and the damage done to both electricity and water connections and pipes by the CSE, Chinese Road-Builders and SLRA while doing the road at Wilkinson Road, Congo Cross and the Peninsula. In January 2011 I wrote an article in which I said, inter alia, that there seems to be “No proper planning; no proper co-ordination between the road builders and the utility companies, and no proper supervision of the work itself.” Whether I was right or wrong I leave to my fellow citizens and posterity to Judge.

    One final thought on the water situation. A friend of mine who has lived in the middle East for sometime was saying the other day that maybe its time for us to make use of the boundless water supply we have in the Atlantic Ocean, by getting “desalination plants” at various points along the coast line, from which water could be supplied to the citizens around those areas. A desalination plant is used to extract the salt from the sea water, which will then be treated in the normal way for drinking. It is just a thought, but maybe it will help us out of a rather desperate situation.

    So, to NPA and GUMA I say, BUCK UP, WAKE UP and SHAKE UP!!! We are tried of excuses!!!

    13th May 2012
  • How legitimate was APC govt. under JS Momoh with no proper policies as that of Ernest Koroma and their God father Siaka steven. We experieced alots of odds and still experiencing odds under the APC.They believe in fake propaganda as that of the AFRC/RUF junta. I do advice them to go back to the drawing board and correct mistake of starvation, corruption, tribalism, regionalism, autocracy and connectocracy which we are presently experiencing.let Balougu go back to school to learn more on democracy and development. I know that most of them talking now are from the diaspora coming to rape our economy as it had presently happened with no money in the banks and lots of strike for poor condition of service.

    23rd March 2012
  • You cannot expect anything less from a man like Balugun. This is one of the guys who recked that country. He can heap all kinds of praises on Ernest because that is how they keep their jobs. We know Balungun’s record in kono when he was there as district officer. These people are rogues. the way Ernest has devided that country along tribal lines, has made the late Momoh looks a better leader. Sierra express media and few other media houses are the only press that have not been bought by APC. But awareness times, standard times and few others are now in the pocket of the APC. Standard times, the other day, was defending the government for the purchase of arms and ammunitions to the tune of $5millions. First of all, the country is not under any imminent threat from outside country, secondly, people are dying of hunger in the country, instead of buying food they choosed to buy arms. thirdly, those type of ammunitions are for the military, but according to the invoice, the ammunitions were directed to the inspector general at george street. Elections are just round the corner. What did the APC want to do with the ammunitions? They are joking, let them bring it on.

    22nd March 2012

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