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Uman Tok with Princetta Williams

Uman Tok with Princetta Williams

Entertainment and Women – Entertainment is a means used by most people to ease their stress whenever one feels discouraged and downcast.  However, women of today have developed in music like just like most of the men were before.

This actually explains that women can do even better when it comes to entertainment especially music.

Female musicians and morals – With the likes of female artists like Miss Julie, Lady Felicia, Mackie, Cordelia, Vick Fornah, and Wannah Williams, who are happy to be among the first female gospel musicians in Sierra Leone, one can tell that women are very special in most areas of life.

A woman can tell exactly how another feels and so that’s what actually inspires most to sing the exact situations of certain woman in the country.

Effect of music in women – Most women feel relieved after listening to songs by their fellow women especially the one that assures them of hope, love and victory on women’s path. It encourages them to be stead fast and let them know that all is not lost.

Songs of value – Most songs by our musicians today are about lack of moral lessons and as such actually don’t portray good attributes, it sends out a wrong ideology with regards to women.

But honestly as a woman I have come to realise that some women are really exhibiting high values of women in their songs and this shows the importance of women who found themselves in every aspect and can cope correctly.

Songs like Virtuous Woman, Mama Sweet Mother, Women are Special, and many more are all songs of high value which I strongly believe have a role to play in exhibiting the talent of women in the music world and also serves as invitation.

Education – In order to be very active in this and also become admirers of all women’s needs to enhance themselves educational wise, an education tells the world how you are well capacitated, which will definitely take you international and to be much more appreciated.

Let’s take for example Miss Julie who has been doing so well in both her academics and the music industry. Also Millicent Rhodes who is a banker and a musician at the same time.  This shows that those who are yet to be educated need not be discouraged, no matter the situation as they will one day make it in life.

Attitude When I talk of attitude it covers everywhere like the attitude’s of artists to their fans or general public and also in their personal habits, especially with regard to courtships or relationships of love.

Fans do expect much from all female artists and so you should be working on things that portray a good image about you, rather than being involved in unexpected behaviors like fighting for men or having so many issues with colleague musicians (female).

You should be role model by being a musician star that is a woman in entertainment.

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