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Mr. Idiot: Killing the sheep in politicians tongue

Mr. Idiot: Killing the sheep in politicians tongue

Now is my turn to talk. I have warned, warned and warned, but you would not listen at all- I mean you who call yourself politicians.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

No time wasting at all. Who says the APC is busy transporting ex-combatants to the strongholds of so-called Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) localities in the southeast?

Nonsense I say. This is complete hogwash. How for goodness would the SLPP accused the APC of overindulging into political malpractices?

Those ex-combatants are being conveyed to the southeast to have them register there for the November 17th elections.

But excuse SLPP; have you, all it takes to prove to Sierra Leoneans that APC is engaged into such activity?

No excuse though; and I the Idiot will certainly not nurture bad conducts of political parties, not to say the ‘government in power.’

Again, if it dare turns the other way, no forgiveness for you at all.

And for your very enlightenment anyhow, go tell it to your boys’ there- ngor bla bla bla- that the Idiot has recruited undercover agents come elections 2012.

Lies will not be encouraged from politicians this time round.

Thank God the electorates have asked all submit their profile, or will not make the day at pools.

Gone are the days when politicians use sugar coated words to win votes from the electorates.

All have been sensitized and schooled on deceiving promises of politicians.

Any attempt by folks- sorry rogue politicians- to fraudulently pinch votes of the electorates will surely not sound well at all.

Will beat you up mercilessly and report you to the Special Court too.

Back to my point. It is but a sad experience reading through content of SLPP’s put our press statement though.

And the police must be seen acting within confines of national security concern.

Of course, the Idiot is unhappy with the SLPP for directly accusing the APC of snooping with ex-combatants to do registration fraud.

Say it your own way that the Idiot got it wrong; nar u talk that oh not mine ya!

All who know the Idiot will graciously say it loud and clear that he is a fearless man.

If for true the SLPP are sure of what they say, why not submit the evidences to the police; tell them how the so-called ex-combatants are transported by the APC to their southeastern strongholds?

But again, because the police are themselves politicians in disguise, no way put your trust on them.

Correct; and I the Idiot of a type supports you.

No matter the case, you still have to prove to all that your accusations against the governing APC holds true.

Less I forget; why had the SLPP referred to the southeast as their strongholds.

Hate to hear politicians pass on deceiving information such as strongholds to the uninformed electorates.

Call the Idiot an Idiot or whatever have you, but be cautioned that the word ‘stronghold’ acts as catalyst to political violence.

Check the law books, and tell where exactly has the word ‘stronghold,’ as frequently used by politicians, is justified or even mentioned?

Will now take a break, but respectfully say to either political party- APC and SLPP- that the Special Court is all set to jail politicians promoting or attempting to promote violence at elections! Lonta!

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  • As you called youself, Mr Idiot, you are really an idiot. Don’t you think the opposition have every reasons to bring to the attention of the general public any thing they find out to be out of the way? We understand that the president sent money to Guinea to use as transportation for people to come and register to vote. He does not need to do that. That would raised an eye brow. The other thing is putting youths in trucks and taken them to places where they dont even know during elections. If the president is serious about curbing violence in election, that is one thing he should stop. Secondly, the president must act on the proposals put forward by the commissions he himself set up. He is yet to act on those proposals, because they have something to do with his closest people, like his minister of internal affairs and one of his body guard. How do you want the world to believe you that you are against violence when you cannot punish people who are responsible for creating violence in the country. The police are only active with the opposition, and not the government supporters. That is so wrong. Munu need to do a better job.

    11th February 2012

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