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Kidnapping… Witness clears the way

Kidnapping… Witness clears the way

Mohamed Koroma, complainant of an alleged conspiracy, kidnapping and wounding matter Friday 3rd testified in magistrate Court 2

Mohamed Koroma told Court 2 that he was at Moyamba junction (where he lives) in the company of his colleagues.  That Mohamed Kanu Mansaray (SLPP councilor elect) and three others (all accused) stopped at Moyamba junction on board a green jeep to buy fuel.  That an amount totaling Le 70.000 was given his colleagues for a particular quantity of fuel.  That the fuel brought was far lesser the amount paid.  That he was arrested in place of his colleagues who could not be found as at then. He was loaded into the parked green jeep by the accused and taken to the Masiaka police station to be complained for allegedly overindulging into profiteering.

At the police station at Masiaka the accused were explaining to a number of police officers when eventually a female Superintendent of police (the local unit commander), Madam Monday Kargbo, arrived and straightaway asked who amongst the accused is a councilor.  That it was then that she (Superintendent Monday) told the four accused persons that they will have to stay with them at the police station until the arrival of a team of police officers from Freetown.  Mohamed was later issued with a police medical report form and told to go for treatment at the hospital.

During cross examination by defence lawyer Banja Tejan- Sie, Mohamed said that he was loaded into the boot of the car, but said he was communicating with his colleagues who had followed them as they drive to the police station.  He denied sustaining any wound as in content on the police medical report form.  He admitted being collard by the accused at some stage of his arrest while at Moyamba junction and said nobody ever intercepted them while on their way to Masiaka police station.

As they travelled to Masiaka one of the accused suggested that they go to Mile 91 police station and report him (Mohamed Koroma) there, but it was understood that they report the matter to Masiaka police which is close to Freetown.

The accused have all been remanded in custody and the matter was adjourned.

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  • According to this whole saga, the police are the conspirators. why did the LUC in the police station asked who is the councilor elect? This local unit commander should fired immediately, if the inspector general is really sincere in all his utterances in the past about police not having anything to do with politic. The local unit commander does not really have common sense. How can somebody kidnaped someone for ritual murder and take that person to the police station? Some of these people they are entrusting these responsibilitiesands into their hands, are a disgrace to the society. The magistrate should throw that case out of court immediately, without further wasting the accused persons time,

    9th February 2012

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