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Mr. Idiot – The police, are they politicians?

Mr. Idiot – The police, are they politicians?

He calls himself a Temne man. He says he is Di Obai’s ‘Kortor’ uncle or so. He boastfully says APC is his party and that he is the Di Obai tribe’s man too.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

And who exactly is he? No one else, but Kortor Munu, or call him the police big man.

The good news is that, the police ‘allagba’ big man has been tagged a ‘congossa’ eavesdropper to Di Obai also.

They say he supervises complaints made by the governing party against opponents’ political parties? Ar get right for ask oh!

No denial at all. Conducts of the police big man bear the trait of a ‘politician disguise as policeman.’

No objection calling him a ‘yes’ police officer at all. He deserves it, and must be given it.

No excuse tagging him a stooge who gives in to the dictates of politicians.

Ar nor dae fred for talk di true oh! Call me a stupid Idiot, a senseless Idiot, or an unintelligent man, better still.

It is in the good books that Idiots are Idiots because they are Idiots.

Of course, it is no shocker that all have called comments of the Idiot ‘nonsensical’ in thoughts.

But be it told however that the Idiot has said things that carry merit oh!

For it is only the Idiot who has the gut to confront the Inspector General of Police and tell it to his face that he is a ‘yes’ police stooge.

And what about this; have you heard it? The Idiot was himself in court Friday 3rd to listen to testimony of Mohamed Koroma, a litigant in a kidnap case against councilor elect, Mohamed Kanu Mansaray and three others.

Too shameful to hear! Had the Idiot all the rights, no doubt he would have…

Will not say it all ya! But in case you need it, come see the Idiot at his office cubicle at…Will also not tell you where his cubicle is located. Find it out yourself though.

Not one of what the kidnapped plaintiff said bears the traits of…at all.

Just listen to him as he speaks: “The accused persons arrested me at Moyamba junction on allegation that I and colleagues have duped them. I was loaded into the boot of their green jeep and taken to Masiaka police to be complained. At the police station, as they explain my involvement to junior police men, came the boss Superintendent Monday Kargbo (they call her the LUC), who then asked for the councilor amongst the accused. Mohamed Kanu Mansaray (accused) responded in the affirmative.

I was later asked to make a complaint of kidnapping against all the accused and afterwards issued with a medical report form.

I heard the Superintendent telling all the accused that they will be detained until the arrival of a team of police officers from Freetown.”

Make your assessment though. But be it told that the Idiot was left in misery when eventually the presiding officer refused…

The Idiot is displeased with rotten and shameful actions of the police of late.

It seems as if the preached out ‘force for good’ deservingly brought us by British Keith Biddle is been killed oh!

So, why not call it a ‘force for bad’ sorry ‘force for politics?

To the Idiot, it makes no odd, no hesitation, no… calling the police IG an APC politician at all.

His exam papers are ready and will soon be graded by the Idiot, trust him!

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