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Mr Idiot Calls the Biometric System Junk

Mr Idiot Calls the Biometric System Junk

Dis one serious oh! Mr. Idiot is been left without option but ponder over revelations that the talked about biometric machines are junk; very slow in action.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

Amazing nonetheless was the fact that the expectant electorates told him that registration officers spend 20-30 minutes to register just 3 persons.

They say even the generators provided by NEC are ineffectual; not serving it purposes at all.

But just when the Idiot approached the registration officers for a talk, he was left without option, but bows his head in shame soliloquizing on what beholds the country’s up and soon to come elections.

No condemnation at all. But regretting though that NEC is yet to put things to order as longed expected.

The assigned registration officers are by no means unripe to operate the biometric machines.

And the tendencies are that they might destroy the machines even before the process gets to the middle.

Brothers, sisters, others in the struggle, be it told that the electorates have salutes the Idiot for revealing to the public that NEC is playing junk in the registration process.

But why call the process a junk? Why not call it junkmetric registration? Anyway, choose ye what suits thee.

And allow the founder …Thorpe do her job ahead of elections 2012.

For once the Idiot lives, he will not see wrong things happen and not say it out.

Oh yes, they say a certain pen mercenary received ‘dons’ plenty dollars from Di Obai to monitor the movement of a certain politician as he travels to Ghana.

The twitter box of the Idiot has hacked the information, and not too late, will tell it all verbatim.

Call the Idiot a ‘fast mot fool’ or ‘boku talk man;’ no objection at all. All are entitled to at least one; opinion.

For all he will say is that a certain pen mercenary was sent to Ghana as an undercover agent to monitor the ins and outs of a certain politician.

Will not tell the name of the monitored politician now! Will also not disclose the name of the political party that fuels the trip nonetheless!

You know yourself anyway, and time permit the Idiot will say it unrestraint.

Less he forgets, permit him revisit revelations as in topic of origin- the biometric registration, or call it junkmetric registration.

To the Idiot, the time is indeed not far from near, for he has taken an oath to unfailing and uncompromisingly bring to light malpractice of NEC, the politicians etc as they unfold.

My amazements, brothers and sisters, are that inspite of NEC’s ‘boku’ talk talk as regards the registration process; Miata French not excluded, it’s all seem junk; not good at all; so so mix up en box up!

No shocker at all that the electorates have asked the Idiot complained NEC to the anti corruption for ‘maladministration’ and ‘copious’ spending of public’s money.

And for your Information however, it is the resolved of the Idiot in joining all as they warn, check or expose corrupt tendencies of management of NEC.

Go do your homework though…NEC.  

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