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Koroma’s diary – his spin of speeches

Koroma’s diary – his spin of speeches

Spectacle to President Koroma’s tailored speech; one of relevance here, is his Inaugural Speech delivered on September 17, 2007.  Tied to his diary was a September 17, 2010 articulation date in line in his new-born vision of systemic turnaround.  (Photo: HE President Ernest Bai Koroma)

Three years on in 2010, President, Ernest Bai Korma surmounted priorities in the up challenge and was proud and hearty to have reported to the nation his achievements of an accountable, democratic and transparent administration in that year.

His agenda for change prioritizes four key areas: in the enhancement of national electricity and productivity in agriculture and fisheries, sustenance of human development, health and education, and developing the national transportation network.

“We stated our intentions in the Agenda for Change, and our focus is now on successful implementation.  From agriculture to roads, energy, health, education, investment, mineral resources, decentralization, job creation and other sectors, transformative action is now visible all over the country” – President Koroma’s preface in the chronicle: Sierra Leone: “The Turnaround” -Three Years of Transformative Achievements by the Ernest Bai Koroma Government.

2012 is his complete political calendar of a periodic first term of five years.  To read by far margins the facts available, we have sharp contrast depicting solid concrete achievements and illusion.

The turnaround pronouncement the president made, to many, blossoms a sound economic policy in thoughts especially at the time when poverty has had its male-front effect on the penury stricken Sierra Leoneans.

It all started with the credit crunch experience, which influenced a cut-rise of the economies of middle-level countries.  It was completely a new experience for President Koroma whose level of thought at the time he assumed power was quite focusing, I’m not sure, on transformations such as the liberal policies on trade, like he said he was coming to rule the country with a business mind.

But to the nexus trending the match of “transformative actions” being visible all over the country, let’s pick on road infrastructure and electricity. All plan works shine with the possibility of making electricity available. Its cost is a different pound of flesh.

Consistent with the system of perpetuity, he (president Koroma) has been launching road work projects as well as commissioning finished road projects of quite substantial kilometers. This is quite trendy; the opposition is taking the credit of such achievements. That besides, the rattle has been in the area of feeder roads and major trunk roads which the masses are saying the Koroma led administration places more focus on the already good in shape roads like the Wilkinson Road project in swap for tight trucked roads like of east of the city, Freetown. Say for example the abandoned old road network to Calaba Town is not motorable any more. This to say the least has increased the traffic pressure, forcing the commercial vehicles to half ways. This is a fact many eastern residents would take with the government on a view of cross lines.

To be continued.

By Abu Bakarr Sulaiman Tarawally

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