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Mobilizing support for President Koroma

Mobilizing support for President Koroma

One fact that, as a post war nation we will not overstate, is that President Koroma’s government has always demonstrated its readiness to ensure the socio-economic and political development of the state. We have seen this within the last four years of his rule.  From creating a level playing filed in the area of political activities, to his attention in fixing the country’s road network, down to the aspect of providing electricity. The fight against corruption has today taken an exceptional direction under his leadership.  (Photo; John Baimba Sesay, Information Attache, China)

Political tolerance, on the part of the Presidency has been demonstrated so much in the country. But I am of the view, now, that the tolerance being exhibited by the President is about to be misconstrued by some political opportunists. The recent political disturbance at Fourah Bay, led by some politicians from the opposition was a clear pointer, that the desperate nature of someone wanting political power will not stop him from even sacrificing lives of human beings.

President Koroma’s determination for Sierra Leone’s development cannot be derailed by whatever political machinations from a selected few. I had time, recently to talk to a number of Sierra Leoneans residing in China about development back home. From their reactions, I saw frustration in them that whilst President Koroma and his APC government are trying to bring about a nation, once divided, together, there are few politicians wanting to put the country apart.

The present leadership in Sierra Leone is focused, well placed, to bring about the needed change. But some political elements are in the process of wanting us as a country to return to those ugly days in our history. But they won’t succeed, by the grace Allah/God. As I recently wrote, it is hopeful, that the International Community is taking cognizance of what is happening now in Sierra Leone, ahead of the pending general elections. What I know, and which I want people to be aware of is that, there are evil plans that some politicians have orchestrated to bring about political unrest, especially when they have realized, that the people of Sierra Leone have resolved to re-elect President Koroma for another term. But it is worthy to caution also, that efforts be embarked upon by every peace loving Sierra Leonean to condemn political violence and show the world that we have learnt some lessons from a civil war that lasted for over a decade.  When a politician has good policies for his country and people, there is no need to resort to political violence just to win elections.

This brings to mind the recent visit by Victor Bockarie Foe, Secretary-General of the ruling APC and Logus Koroma, APC Coordinator for the November elections, to China on official party function. Their visit was purely political and in my view, they scored political marks and I was impressed with the determination of the Asia Branch of the ruling party, in galvanizing support for President Koroma, ahead of the elections. Both Foe and Koroma used the platform to call on people in the Diaspora to be united in what they believe and to encourage their relatives back home to register as it is through registration that President Koroma can be re-elected.

I have maintained often and again, that the decision by the APC to have a branch in Asia, thus leading to the official launch of their party office here in Beijing was a right move at a crucial time. It must have gone a long way in telling Osma Banya that, President Koroma is a liked President and there is no need for  what Ex-President Kabba(h) calls  ‘bad heart.’

Logus & Lamin Turay, Asia Branch Chairman, at the official opening of their party office

The fact that, Victor Foe and Logus Koroma were in Beijing to not only open their party office but to also  propagate  President Koroma’s   ‘Agenda for Change’, indicates that President Koroma is the type of Leader that cares so much for his subject both at home and abroad.

The APC Chapters the world over, including the ones in North America, UK, and the one in Beijing-China have all got a crucial role in mobilizing support for President Koroma. President Koroma alone cannot do it if he is to be re-elected. He still enjoys international standing but with the strong and dedicated support from his party membership and sympathizers across the country, he is not only sure of winning in November, but will definitely finish his good works that he has started already.

The APC Asia Branch, from the look of things has been doing some great things. I have had a brief talk with the Branch’s PRO, Osman Charleston Conteh and from what he told me, they are very much determined in ensuring that President Koroma is reelected for another term. So far, the signs are there.  I have been following their activities, especially in recent times, through media reports from Sierra Leone. If they are not in Sierra Leone to make a donation somewhere around Aberdeen, they will meeting with party officials in Sierra Leone to discuss a way forward  in galvanizing support for President Koroma.

When he assumed the Presidency in 2007, President Koroma embarked on a number of socio-economic and infrastructural development to the point that, today, Sierra Leone appears to be a works yard.   A nation that is ready to develop will have a start in fixing its road network. This is what Sierra Leone is going through now.

Asia and China to be specific, is so strategically placed today in terms of infrastructural development, that the Asia Branch of the ruling party in Sierra Leone will have a lot to offer to Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans, through their efforts in working towards re-electing President Koroma. So let the Asia Brach continue with its good works in mobilizing support for  President Koroma, because, the development of Sierra Leone depends on the concerted efforts of all Sierra Leoneans.

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