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Mr. Idiot: Sheeeee running mate is not for you

Mr. Idiot: Sheeeee running mate is not for you

Nar complete rubbish bo! Dis running mate business go bring plenty die nar APC oh! Ar sweh to politics en mama Salone!  (Photo:Ibrahim Samura, editor)

No doubt Ministers, Members of Parliament, Local Council Chairmen etc., timelessly and restlessly knock doors of family members to have them blow their horn to Di Obai for running mate.

But why not allow the Di Obai take his time to choose a running mate of his choice and satisfaction.

E too shameful bo! They also say power hungry politicians have been visiting shrines of fortune-tellers to make them predict who the next APC running mate will be?

The Idiot was told however that Diana Konomanyi, who doubles as the Kono District Council Chairman, during the ‘end of year’ visit of VP Sumana to his Kono brothers and sister, held covert meeting with cabalists opposed the forenamed APC big man (VP Sam Sumana) to plot out the latter’s downfall.

And for your information anyway, the Idiot’s twitter box has hacked pictures showing how one of Diana’s cabalists, Francis Gbondo (the APC Kono Chairman), received a hot and weighty slap from an unnamed APC Kono executive.

Why was he slapped? No answer at all. But according to the Konos, it was all a reminder that more will receive slaps if they dare go against VP Sumana for running mate to Di Obai.

No time wasting at all. Will hit the nail on the head now!

Has not she been told? I mean you-Diana, that you’ve been summoned to the Idiot for use of disrespectful words to superior Kono elders including the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone?

Need not spend time on Diana’s countless and unending complaints; will deal with that later.

Again, was not the same Diana, who for untold reasons mischievously avoids talking to the First…Sierra Leone’s most respected and highly placed madam?

Go find it out yourself; you will surely not get it from the Idiot at all- swear to elections 2012.

The Idiot will not dare nor even mistake cough a word, but shut up and leave same with the Di Obai to solve.

Certainly he is. Can it be true that Diana has turned against her Kono brother, VP Sumana because she has been promised running mate come 2012?

Unbelievable! U fet u brother for power. Dis serious warning shot to Di Obai oh!

Ah ah ah! Who told you Diana hasn’t the intention carrying the forenamed title- First…den say call name nar en get palava.

No surprise at all. But tell it though that the Konos have asked the Idiot relays their message to the APC that their brother and son of Kono soil, Sam Sumana must be given second chance or they (Konos) will have no option but not vote for them (APC) in 2012.

It is hogwash of shortsighted APC politicians seeing them banging their heads over running mate while failing to address the issues at hand- I mean the hardship bla bla bla.

The Idiot is vexed over silly conducts of the likes of Diana Konomanyi, Musa Tarawally and host of ill-fated politicians, who unknowingly have been inconsiderately relaying blackmailing information to the public against the country’s Vice President.

Well, the Idiot has asked the police supply him with ‘coboccos’ truncheons he will be using to beat up unserious politicians.

The Idiot is also been informed that displeased Kono councilors have vowed to expose corruption overindulgences of Diana soon than later.

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