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Let us pray and give respect to Mama Salone

Let us pray and give respect to Mama Salone

As the year draws to an end, and Salone embarks on another journey of glory,

let her be filled with continuous peace love and unity and perfect tranquility.

Let there be a peaceful and fair forthcoming general election, so that our nation continues to prosper in a nation building that all may say Alleluya we thank thee.


Let Salone and Sierra Leoneans be aware and steer clear

of deflectors that wonder aimlessly through night and day

and cross the floor like rouge chameleons full of deceit and treachery be exposed of their wicked deeds.


Oh Beautiful mama Salone how beautiful you are like a diamond in the sky

We ask you to come down and glitter the streets of your land

Your vision and experience know the best goalie that secures your goalpost.

We have seen leaders come and gone, we have seen leaders that never left your shores.

Oh mama Salone if grades of honesty peace love hypocricy can speak!

Oh mama Salone speak in clear tones and let the world hear your wisdom.

And let all Sierra Leoneans raise their hands in praise from north south east and west.


That the lord almighty, the ”Rabb ila ahlamin” has reedeemed Sierra Leone

and her people from bondage of war and the wicked.

Mama Salone thanks to the improved health of our mothers and babies.

Thanks to the provision of good roads and jobs around your territories.

We pray that visionary in that perspective continues to be positive.

Oh mama Salone you once again have become the athens of West Africa

But now Oh mama Salone your beauty has now become a magnet of the world.

Through the hard work of our Leaders chiefs agbas clergymen youths,

women and all Sierra Leoneans from all walks of life beauty has come to mama Salone.


Oh mama Salone your brightness and potentials has attracted the bears

from the north and south poles to our shrimps and fish.

Oh mama Salone as we look forward to a destiny.

Let that destiny be of progress,

Let thy light fill our hearts to enable us work for human dignity.


We thank the civilized world that stood on their feet and came to our rescue

when we were devoid of our human dignities.

Let the world continue to stand by us for a lasting peace.

Let us be awakened from our slumber

and reach the maturity of leading ourselves  in peace love and unity




Augustine Kamara 


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