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Mister Idiot: Father Christmas complains Salone to Mr. Idiot

Mister Idiot: Father Christmas complains Salone to Mr. Idiot

This one hart for bear ar mus tell Mr. Idiot. Ay boo! This fine yuletide season is left to be greeted by hogwashes – with many names?

Mr. Idiot, I know you’re patriotic, I consider you to be a plain truth man to tell my frustrations.

I have counted my experience over the years, but this new wave of welcoming is not rising at all. If you remember very well, Mr. Idiot, the yuletide season is meant special for sharing, I mean gift giving and taking but mine is complete opposite this time.

One would say hardship is a national scourge, but what embarrassed me the most is the spate of violence in the dark city of Freetown. I should say, I hate to blacklist Freetown in names of darkest cities in the world; but one beats me down.

I’m a seasonal stranger who used to receive hearty welcomes, but this year I met the streets very filthy than ever before, no money for the citizens to buy goodies; and behold –corruption salutes me with bold headlines.

I enquired about the city father, Albert George, I am first told he fled to Israel for sacramental rites, but when I learnt that he was back home, behold, I learnt he was kept in stinking jail. –This was not what he promised me last season at all. He did promise that he would transform the city with skyscrapers, he would avail vehicles for both school going children and general commuters; he would interpret the paradise dreams real and most importantly, you know what –he said he would make sure that Salone takes over Singapore in the doing business rating. For these reasons said he was building Sierra Leone’s most ever modern ultra shopping malls in the heart of the city.

Mr. Idiot, may I state that my most painful experience has been the lack of enough supply of pipe burn water in the city. Trust me this is giving leeway for the water plastic companies to produce more water and their plastics would not save the untidy looks of the city. These cartoons thrash littering Sackville Street, Abacha Streets and the others –are not doing good publicity at all for good strangers like me who have brought home joy and happiness.

Al-Jazeera came to do its worse this time with its Africa Investigate documentaries. In Europe where I came from, lots of bad are happening there, but they are not made especial as in your case here, my pity though.

With this level of corruption, blackout, hardship and youthful violence I’m reserving my opinion for next season’s yuletide message.

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