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Mr. Idiot: Idiot defends Mayor Herbert

Mr. Idiot: Idiot defends Mayor Herbert

It was the intention of the Idiot to continue with his narratives on that rotten Sorious/Al-LIE- Jazeera blackmailing video footage, but wants all (Sierra Leoneans) know he has a legal task to perform today.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

And before disclosing his new task to the general public, he is but unhesitant to say however that ‘montage or no montage’ as shamefully mentioned by Sorious as he defends twaddle in his published video footage makes no sense; and he practically takes no consideration to such at all!

And don’t you dare tell the Idiot to refrain telling Sorious about inaccuracies observed in the published video footage by Al-LIE-jazeera on Sierra Leone.

Less that the Idiot forgets, allow him precisely tell Sierra Leoneans he will be representing the Mayor of Freetown in court today.

Indeed, a friend in need is a friend indeed. It is no secret that the Mayor of Freetown is long time friend of the Idiot.

The two of them studied law together at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, when it was indeed the Athens of Africa, worked together at Wackenhaut Security Agency, at the Sierra Leone State Lottery and together, served as board members for the Hamile School of Commerce and Technology at Lumley, west of Freetown.

Now to the point my people! But in case you’ve not been told though, concubines, close friends and the First Lady of the municipality have all ostracized the Mayor as he prepares to answer to allegations of him chopping billions of public’s money.

Be it told to all that even though people called the Idiot a stupid Idiot, he is not as ungrateful as associates of the Mayor.

That said, and because the Idiot knows the Mayor is legally grounded just as him, the two have legally discussed theories throwing light at grey areas in the 25 counts indictment.

For your information anyway, the Mayor has retained the services of Idiot & Idiots Chambers asking him to represent him in court.

And as far as the Idiot possibly could tell, the Mayor seeks no apology to anyone, not even to Di Obai, and is of the belief that the ‘willful chopping of public’s money’ is no crime to the red blooded father of sons of the ‘A Pussy Cats’ family at all.

Of course, the Idiot toes the line of the Mayor because Dr. Bandalay has longed sensitized his red blooded sons and daughters that the: ‘Usai den tie Cow nar dae e dae eat,’ theory (meaning a Cow feeds from within the perimeter with which it is tied) is high political merit though.

But please don’t blame the Idiot for saying what the red blooded father, Dr. Bandalay Pass Are Die Stevens has longed signed as law and compellingly injected in bloods of his heirs (Mayor Herbert not excluded).

And this is exactly where the Idiot shall surely win the Mayors alleged corruption case.

Now, the principles as defined in the Bandalay’s theory of ‘Usai den tie Cow nar dae e dae eat,’ if followed, is sure to see Mayor Herbert found not guilty as charged on grounds establishing facts that he not scuffed any money outside the limitations of the Freetown City Council.

Need not waste time on the NASSIT/NRA related charges against the Mayor and his treasurer. Having carefully perused the charges against the Mayor, the Idiot is left without option, but cautioned his friend (Mayor Herbert) stay cool and sees him disgrace small Boy ACC Commissioner just as he did to him in the Sia Finda Bendu’s appeal court corruption trial some months ago.

As for the alleged NASSIT charge, Edmund Koroma has longed made it clear that it is no offence chopping money belonging to beneficiaries of that very institution.

Or Mayor Herbert would be found wanting because he hails not from the provinces as in the case of Edmund Koroma and others, but in Freetown.

But for all the Idiot knows, no son born of Adam is able to challenge the him as he defends his friend (Mayor Herbert) in the well of the High Court on grounds depicting the ‘Bandalay’s self aggrandizement theory of chopping public’s money at will.

Just as the Idiot goes against Sorious Samura for saying things demeaning of Sierra Leone’s Vice President, so also is he against comments of municipality detractors, who have refused paying their local taxes, city rates, and bye law fines, which to an extent, would have financed the Mayor’s intention of running away from Sierra Leone to hide himself in Banjul.

It is the Idiot’s intention making an application before the High Court today, asking the learned Judge effect an injunction on persons saying things to the disadvantage of my client – Mayor Herbert. 

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