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Mr. Idiot: Works Minister told ‘lies’

Mr. Idiot: Works Minister told ‘lies’

And did I hear him say that Le 880 million offered the Sierra Leone government reached hands of President Koroma? This is shameful though. (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, editor)

The Idiot was shocked when told that Alimamy Pepito Koroma who says is the present Minister of Works told media officials that money donated for the construction of an ultra modern market never reached hands of the President, but him.

Will rather not call it shameful, but disgraceful trust!

Wonders will never end anyway. And it has been told to the Idiot that the forenamed Minister takes pints of  ‘HEINEKEN’ day in day out.  This to many was what has helped him improve in the telling of lies at will and with ease.

Yes, this could be true anyway. The Idiot had known the Minister of Works for quite some time now.

He had known him when he was the Secretary General of the Council of Churches inSierra Leone, but engages in drunken drink and bar patrols etc.

No shut up, I say. I hate liars.

How dare you tell forthrightly upright media men that President Koroma has not touched the Le 880 million cheque donated toSierra Leone? This is deception to the highest degree, Mr. Minister.

And for your information sir (sorry ma), you’ve been nominated and will be receiving an award from the Idiot for the best liar for 2011.

E nor stop dae o, den plan for make you di best ‘HEINEKEN’ Minister back.

The idiot will have no hesitation telling it to the face of the Minister of Works that he intends advocate for his sacking in the soon to come cabinet reshuffle.

Nice one, Mr. Idiot. It’s been told that too many Ministers have had ceaseless moments ‘butuing’ bowing at shrines of the ungodly to make them continue to hold Ministerial positions.

The Idiot has identified spiritual rendezvous of the so called Ministers of State and has vowed monitoring their movements and reports same to Di Obai.

Just yesterday, as the Idiot passed through Goderich, he was forced to make a stop at a junction that housed the former abode of Di Obai to see how it looks like.

He noticed however that the house is apparently empty.

Sorry sir, the Idiot never wanted to examine your house at all. But the officers you deployed there invited him for a talk there sir. They are friendly anyway, but are unhappy with you sir.

That even though people call them Presidential guards they are emptily broke; no money, no promotion, no food at all.

But Your Excellency sir, they say your Minister of Works is part of the untouchables of yours?

So, why not tell the Idiot the whereabouts of your Mayor Sir? Remember still that it’s been told he is part of your cabal/caucus of men also!

Some months ago sir, the Idiot was at the premises of the Freetown City Council and saw sizeable number of anti corruption officials eagerly pursuing the Mayor of Freetown sir.

They said it outright to the Idiot that they were there to arrest him on account of his involvement in the practice of corruption.

Of course, and no doubt that the arresting officers later received an order to retreat and not dare touch the untouchable Mayor at all.

Who gave the orders, why was it given, nobody ever told the Idiot.

Although some say it was you who stopped the ACC from arresting your man (Mayor Williams even before this time), the Idiot is frightened approving such.

He knows you will not take it light with him, but tell your ‘kakatuas’ beat him up.

The Idiot is good at dodging; swear to hardship, Wilkinson road and the 2000 tons of rice.

Again sir, I mean Your Excellency sir; forgive the Idiot for perpetually and ceaselessly adding ‘SIR’ to your name; a title you never liked at all.

No turning back sir. The Idiot has asked you strike a deal with him if you want him everlastingly not add ‘SIR’ to your name sir.

Repeat, tell the Idiot the whereabouts of that Le 880 million and he will for ever not dare adjoin ‘SIR’ to your name at all.

And have you been told that your Minister of Works recently lied to journalists that that Le 880 million cheque never reached your hand.

I know you will practically not join that liar Minister to saying lies to friends and fans of the Idiot sir.

And I have told all that photos screening you as you receive the cheque are in my archives and will soon be published sir.

And am I right to say that your Minister is a big and season liar sir? Or a stupid liar or seasoned stupid liar sir?

Now, for your information sir, and because your Minister has denied you’ve not touched the Le 880 million cheque, the Idiot has resolved publishing pictures screening you as you truly receive the amount.

Watch out for it next edition. Goodbye!

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