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If Facebook stays social, will it last?

If Facebook stays social, will it last?

Will Facebook be here in 20years?  Will this dominant social network today be a leading tech business in 20years? This question of the future is important for Facebook aside aiming to reach the one billion milestone and staying ahead of competitors.

Facebook execs featured in an interview last week, they talked the organization from the beginning to this time where membership is over 800million. Facebook revitalized social networking making it the center of today’s Internet, Facebook is achieving its target for people to connect and share.

Facebook is known for social networking and continues to grow in this direction; Facebook for now downplays diversion from social networking to common suggestions like a search engine; this decision is good for the near term to grow and avoid distractions but this is unsafe for an organization that wants to stay on top in future.

Facebook is not trying to do everything like Google and Microsoft according to the CEO, but doing everything for these organizations has not killed their original business, a search engine and operating system respectively. Having a hand in other areas will not just drive revenue but will also ensure that some products are protected from flouting partnerships usually encountered in the lifetime of businesses.

Google, for example abandoned a real time search product after the contract ended with Twitter; Google developed its own social network, Googleplus and it is doing fine both with Google services and others. Google aside social media has several products competing in the tech space; these products have not displaced Google from its number one search engine space in the last decade.

Facebook management surely has an office or consultants providing future outlook for the organization, this is necessary and some moves may be needed on the short term. These moves will drive action in new directions aside planning and projection.

Google is dominating the search engine space but this does not mean it can’t be toppled by better algorithms and peculiar services. Simplifying advanced search for keywords like places, people, country, month, peculiarities, similarities, importance and more can provide most appropriate links to users in the first list of results than having to write a full sentence containing all keywords for desired results.

So a search for ‘science research’ can give the first and normal webs results containing all, but special tag spaces below the main search bar that requests for people, country and more can prioritize results. This simple example and a few more can come as a Facebook search project in five years.

Facebook aside products may also look to be involved in development of technology trends maybe Web 3.0 or Web 4.0. These like Web 2.0 will be the new trends in web technologies in future; pushing research in this direction will see Facebook adjust from the onset rather than trying to after these trends go viral.

Web trends in future will move away from pre-membership registration; websites usually require that users register to become members, the process involves personal details submission and email verification. Web registration has no future because competition is increasing and ease is sought for access. This future trend is more likely as most websites are shifting from demands on registration.

The first to adopt a registration-less membership platform maybe a new social-network, success with this can see other web services like news and email providers adopt such trends. With Facebook onto an outlook for this or related advent it will adopt fast and flow along.

For Facebook, either as an experiment or a permanent move Chinais required for long term success.  Facebook was blocked from China in 2009 and has since not returned, China entry for Facebook doesn’t appear much as a priority for the organization but it is necessary and possibly easier than assumed.

Facebook needs to divert especially to software technologies that will help its present objective and also ensure the business does not squirm in the face of new trends.  “Facebook does one thing” is good for the present but harmful for the future, the Facebook itself may remain but products of the organization should expand.  If Facebook stays social, in 20 years will likely be extinct.

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  • Facebook doesnt need to last 20 years. It just needs to evolve as this rapidly changing world evolves. Much of facebook functionalitiies today were carried out by manual typewriters, photocopiers and male messengers.

    23rd November 2011

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