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Changing world: changing climate and changing options

Changing world: changing climate and changing options

The world as we have it today is not the same world that was in the 20th century, it is a new world with emerging trends and direction. Issues are coming up and solutions considered as ‘extreme’ are not ruled out from options to fix. Economic problems, national security, unemployment, climate change and a little more are issues facing this present world.

Past generations faced similar issues and reference is usually made when considering solutions today. The unique thing about present day challenges is that it is encrypted at first and unfolds with time defying one solution or approach. We are in an “hyper fast” era, knowledge is accessible and resistance is easily developed to questionable solutions.

Presently, economic issue is chief amongst several issues faced around the world. Economic recession hit the world from late 2007 and its effect is still obvious with most developed nations having deficit-fractured economies. US deficit is around $15trillion and Europe currently in a make or break debt crisis have nations individually owing hundreds of billions to around a trillion US dollars.

These are problems in their own respect but are not beyond solutions presented in proposals before authorities. Effects of this crisis include unemployment, austerity measures, budget cuts and extreme caution for innovation or investment. As governments and key players meet and act for solutions, people also have their proposals demanded from protest.

The economic climate of today is making the world more competitive and the future uncertain; governments are trying not to be disconnected from the people even as their approach must affect some. Innovate and invest or increase taxes and inflation are some of the solutions presented for deficit reduction but these suggestions may not get easy approval because of disadvantages that can be laid with each.

Economic issue is one of several issues painfully affecting people for now but it is coming in a changing world where one solution is not enough and has disadvantages for the present or the future. Economic climate has to do with wellbeing of people but the “climate” that should be feared most if it aligns badly is the earth climate system.

Climate change is occurring now according to the UN and may be worst in years ahead if emissions responsible to warm the earth are increased by anthropogenic activities. A deal suggested by the UN to be ratified by nations to check these emissions is having a hard pass probably because of issues associated with a changing world.

The earth climate does not understand ‘our division’ but may irreversibly change when it gets to that tipping point causing catastrophic effects to the environment.

The impasse in having an international agreement is giving a last resort suggestion like geoengineering an invitation to fix.

Geoengineering can be described as the intentional manipulation of the earth climate system to prevent effects of global warming. Standard procedures for geoengineering include Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) or Solar Radiation Management (SRM). Geoengineering skeptics are gradually growing citing a number of reasons for their stance.

Further depletion to the ozone layer is considered as an issue for geoengineering but a developing research on Ozone Layer Geoengineering (OLG) provides some light in this direction. Geoengineering is an option associated with climate change in this changing world, we should understand and support with hopes for solution.

By David Stephen

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