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Remembering Japian Stevens

Remembering Japian Stevens

Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.  (Photo: Ambassador Jongopie Stevens and wife unveiling the plaque)

Those were the lexis of one of William Shakespeare’s celebrated characters, Julius Caesar when Calpurnia was trying to warn him about the dangers that would besiege him should he go to the capitol. This apparently tells us that when the time comes for one to leave planet earth, neither power nor aptitude could stop that sad episode. An everlasting and inevitable end indeed!

The thing that is left of a person who departs to eternity is memories of his or her excellent past. Though dreadful memories also exist, but they are mainly to the detriment of the deceased. Therefore, good memories are necessary to represent the living-dead.

This is what our late son, brother, friend and colleague, Japian Stevens has left with us. He has left an indelible mark that continues to linger afresh in the minds of not only his family but also friends, teachers, and heads of his Alma Mater – the Berlin British School in Germany.

Because of his smart character that encompasses friendliness, hard work and commitment, it has become extremely difficult for his family and friends to bury his existence on earth. In loving and heartfelt memories of his brilliant past, his friends and school teachers have planted an oak tree in the school compound.

The solemn and historic event which took place at the school yesterday saw the attendance of his family, friends and relatives.

A sudden grief enveloped onlookers when the head of the school Mr. Graham Lacey, made this somber proclamation:

Tree planting

“This tree will stand as a lasting symbol of all the virtues which Japian embodied and which we so cherish and value at BBS: Commitment, hard work, friendship, cheerfulness in adversity, support for others, altruism, in general, a love of life and living it to the full. These are the characters for which Japian will be remembered”

He disclosed that the idea of the tree planting was borne out of the desire to show their deepest love and respect for Japian.

In her remarks, the head of the secondary school, Sian Schutz had this to say:

“We hope that in the years to come, everyone who passes the tree, and the plaque, will have their day brightened a little-not only by the beauty of the tree itself as it matures, but by lasting memories of Japian, and how he, too, brightened our lives in so many ways.

His former tutor and friend, also paid tributes and made soothing statements about Japian Stevens.

Before the tree was planted, his father, Ambassador Jongopie S. Stevens thanked the school for their love and compassion.

Umaru S. Jah-Berlin

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