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Mr. Idiot: What, Le 20M paid to Kamajors?

Mr. Idiot: What, Le 20M paid to Kamajors?

This is a big surprise.  So Kamajors on hand received Le 20 million from Di Obai of the Republic of Sierra Leone? (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

I am sure the Idiot has not directly accused any of the ‘Alagbas’ big dons at all- den say call name nar en get pallava.

But is it true that individuals representing the Kamajor militia were in Freetown and held secret meetings with big politicians?

The Idiot is told that the sum of Le 20 million was offered the visitors as kind gesture. It is hoped food finders/spent forces will not take offence over Idiot’s seeping out of factual happenings though.

And it’s been told that the delegation of Kamajors that visited Freetown neglectfully did not pay reverence to the office of the opposition SLPP (Sierra Leone People’s Party), which, by all indication is brain child of all Kamajors in the country.

But why have the visiting delegation not pay visit to their party office? Dare you compel the Idiot say anything on that; issues of political concerns are of no point to the Idiot.

Straight to the point, my people! Poor Mr. Idiot was at his office cubicle leafing through pages of old newspapers when his old rotten mobile phone rings.

“Hellow, who’s calling the Idiot” he said. “This is Stevens, your underground correspondent in the southern part of Sierra Leone sir,” the caller replied. “As I speak sir, there is serious commotion from among the membership of the Kamojors,” he continued.

“And I am sure you getting the noise in the background sir?” “The Kamajors are having serious problems among themselves. According to them, a delegation was in Freetown to meet with the Obai sir. And that they held secret meeting with him during their stay in Freetown. That Di Obai gave them Le 20 million which they never ‘konani’ submit to the general membership of the Kamajors,” Stevens reiterated.

“That upon their returned,” he continued, “they’ve not said anything about the money- to this- came the commotion sir.”

To the Idiot, it was terrifying hearing that politicians are seemingly revitalizing a warlike association thus the nurturing or regrouping militias at a time of total and absolute peace.

Would it also surprise you that the Idiot was shown pictures depicting and corroborating facts as reported by his regional correspondent?

Believe it or leave it, it is indeed a fact that a delegation of Kamajor members held secret meeting with top political figures in Freetown and inturned received Le 20 million as a token of appreciation from whom is tagged Di Obai.

No wonder, the Minister of Internal Affairs who doubles as founder of Di Pa En Yai, Musa Tarawally, insists galvanizing southeasterners into groups and companies ahead of the 2012 elections.

Good job Mr. Minister. But is your baby organization ‘Di Pa En Yai’ dead or alive? Don’t blame the Idiot for asking the above question sir.

You should have known by now that as an Idiot, he is brainless and lacks good judgment.

So, has the destroyed office of ‘Di Pa En Yai’ in Bo received any funding? The Idiot will not border wait for anyway.

Don’t you even assume the Idiot has lost sight of his accounts on recent happenings regarding the Kamajors! Forget that!

As usual, and because it is the desire of the Idiot to have his readers gets all that happens around them, he has vowed not hide sensitive information to the gullible public though.

Just as he tells all that the government of President Koroma has refused bringing to justice 4 police officers held responsible for the killing and wounding of about 13 civilians during the Bo disturbances, so also is he (Mr. Idiot) telling the gullible public that Di Obai is little by little manipulating the come back of what is bitterly known as the ‘Kamajors.’

No objection to good gestures from politicians at all, but objection to politicians who would want to use rebel organizations such as AFRC, RUF and Kamajors to wreak untold havoc in 2012.

Thank God President Koroma had said he will engage the services of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the event of any unrest or clash in the soon to come 2012 elections.

My last word to the politicians: ‘no man born of a woman will go scot-free after committing international crimes and crimes against humanity.

Of course, we’ve all seen were number of RUF, AFRC and Kamajor members are slammed with 50 years jail terms after being found wanting for violating international humanitarian laws.

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