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Showcasing Jay’s Anthology: The Journey of Life

Showcasing Jay’s Anthology: The Journey of Life

Jusu Jaka Yawmah (in photo), a Sierra Leonean living in Ghana, and one of the country’s most young talented poets has illuminated his brilliance once more by sharing a masterpiece he calls, “one of the best among my best.”  The Journey of Life,” is a beautiful artistry that denotes how we course the path of life.  In a brief quote, the poet had this to say, “The journey of life begins and ends with a child …”  Find this an a lot more inspirational and uplifting poems in the invaluable compendium, “Jay’s Anthology,” … a must read for all ages.

The Journey Of Life


The Journey Of Life begins with the birth of a child.

To the expectant, this is considered a streak of luck

When with both hands and feet, it gives a painful knock

Like the distant blaring sound of a ship coming into a dock.

This newly born is ushered, to be counted among the flock.


Congratulations to the kindred, a warm welcome to the big fellow

I am called names; bouncing, chubby, my pie, heroine or my hero

I am loved, pampered; my presence keeps the affection aglow

To my hosts, a one in a million, and with me they feel mellow

I suck, cry, do nothing at all, now that I begin my stage of all-Zero.


Days turn weeks, weeks become months, I feel like doing more

I enjoy being carried around, but at times, I really do prefer a tour

With boldness, I get down, trying to move with both hind and fore

Ignoring the falls, head bumps; often times I even sustain a sore

Though I cry, my hosts are happy to see me get down on all-Four.


The next step is so assuring like the cool of the morning dew

But I am cautioned to think and reason well in everything I do

My chances of error are great, but my demands are now few

Caught up as I reflect at my Zero days; everything seem new,

Everyone is up for a change, when I get to the stage of all-Two.


When I sometimes put on a frown, requesting for a piece of bread

I am strongly rebuked, bashed or offered a snarling scold instead

“Children don’t beg!”, On unlucky times with a spank on the head

Were the dreaded remarks, just to prepare me for what lies ahead

My early all-Two, my first decade, when the world is such a spread.


I get along evenly, get used to the boring economics of child composure

The Oedipal madness, mixed with the labyrinth of youthful peer pressure

Good manners, etiquette, acquiring an education, ignoring my leisure

The choices, the mistakes, the motivation, the distraction, the pleasure

Make up my early all-Two, in my Second decade, in a different measure.


Laying await on my paths are chances; some plain, some a barricade

Aiding me to take them are the choices and priorities that I have laid

Stalling my moves, most often are the hasty decisions I have made

Also the inherent cool I enjoy while basking under life’s beautiful shade

This starts my mid all-Two, I am now in the mid of my Second decade.


Going through the thick and thin, duly propelling me to my destination

With all my experiences, I cultivate the art of making a good decision

Though at times, sinister and uncanny feelings create the apprehension

Of growing, the consequences, taking responsibility for every bit of action

Vivid changes during my Third decade, Darwin called this theory, ”Evolution”.


The paths are many; some rough, some straight, some a diversion

So I seek a good life, a family; as such I make a solemn dedication

To a mate and confidant with whom I share a very mutual attraction

And with this is doing something lucrative with my acquired education

Still on all-Two, my Third to Fourth decade, a stage of being a motivation.


I was born to a generation, I now partake in the noble multiplication

Owing to the biblical fact and my deep sense of a family orientation

I now stick to a life of earning and also sharing every bit of option

Approaching my late all-Two, I’m also a father of a whole generation,

Now at Fifty; “I have reached my golden jubilee”. I shout in jubilation.


My next move is to a point where I become a source of inspiration

I have gained, I have also lost…in a world full of so much competition.

Sharing my quite moments are smiles as I look back in retrospection

How I chose my path – partly using a guide, partly using my discretion

I’m in my Sixth, heading for my Seventh decade. I nod in self appreciation.


Changes are clearly evident. Now frail, slurred speech, I can hardly see

At times with Alzheimer disease, I even addressed my soul mate as “he”

I need a very kind hand to hold and help me get wherever I wanted to be,

A perfect friend, always by me, even when I’m taking a walking spree.

At Eighty and beyond, for a guide, I choose a stick. I am now on all-Three.


I become so dependent, to all my kindred, I’m now a very huge burden

The time slowly passes; I am exhausted, senile, weak and heavy laden

I think of all my past; my practices, deeds, whether a believer or a heathen,

Which will be solely decided, not by me, but by those I called my brethren.

When I finally give up they ghost. I’m grieved, sadly missed all of a sudden.


Filling my world are a huge gap, grief, condolence and moment of sorrow

Death ends my circadian rhythm, I now head for the valley of its shadow

For the crossover…On their arms they take me to a place six feet below

My days of all-Zero, to all-Four, all-Two, all-Three, and back to all-Zero!.

From all-Zero to all-Zero… The Journey Of Life ends with the death of a child.


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