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APC indicted for pirating PRSP

APC indicted for pirating PRSP

Ex-Central Bank Governor, J.D. Rogers (in photo) has arguably pointed out that the on-going Attitudinal and Behavioral Change (ABC) programme initiated by the APC government was copied from the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper two (PRSP2) introduced by the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) after the implementation of the first phase which gave rise to the establishment of viable economic institutions.

Dr. Rogers said the ruling APC government lacks the initiative to introduce un-pirated concepts for the development of S/L.

He noted that the SLPP had already laid the foundation for economic development before it left power in 2007.

According to the economic and political think tank, the SLPP was right to have introduced decentralization and necessary frame work for the economic growth of the country.

 He maintained that when the SLPP was in power, the country was growing faster than the average.

He added that the APC ever since it came into power has been making so much noise about Food security, but has rather not done anything good for the people in terms basic living.

APC Party mouth piece, Hon. Coleson Turay has challenged Dr. Rogers attribution of the SLPP as a party with sober economists and therefore referred to the ruling APC as a social Scientist political party.

He cited tangible evidences of development and said the SLPP is about talks no works.

BY: Ilyasa Baa

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  • J.D just keep quite. Can’t you get it that in a team of players, the goal scorer always gets the praises, cheering,the singing etc.etc.and name displayed on the scoring board. Your Unfinished projects or what ever you call them is now a story.(Gone for good)and you have lost the game indefinitely. President Koroma has long ago prepared a good working development plan for his people and country. Your S.Lpp party’s programme was how to confiscate and share monies and foreign aids amongst yourselves leaving the masses in abject poverty and suffering. God will punish you all. Shame on you.

    13th October 2011
  • Dr. Rogers’ claim is as ridiculous as the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) has become. It doesn’t make sense to have a plan and yet fail to put it into work. We live in a world today wherein people want to see imagination translated into creation.

    I hope J.D. Rogers’ claim isn’t a case of sour grapes. I don’t understand how his party, the SLPP would only build a foundation and not erect an edifice. This sort of destructive criticism is a worrying sign of a party that is bereft of ideas. Since there’s nothing good to offer, Dr. Rogers should shut up! No sober-minded Sierra Leonean is gonna buy this sort of tommyrot he’s trying to sell!

    12th October 2011

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