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The SLPP, PMDC, NDA Boycotts!

The SLPP, PMDC, NDA Boycotts!

The Sierra Leone House of Parliament Friday 7th was painted red owing to boycott action of opposition political parties – Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), People’s Movement for Democratic Change Party (PMDC) and National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Party.

The boycotts, as in findings of this press, came shortly after all the forenamed political parties put out a joint statement barely a day to the re-opening of Parliament thus making their positions clear by stating the following as reasons: government’s uncalled for assault on democracy, political violence, police banning of political activities and the non-implementation of the Shears-Moses report.

To this, also came direct instruction from the leaderships of all the three political parties, telling their respective Parliamentary members to abidingly boycott witnessing the re-opening the House of Parliament.

It could be recalled that the SLPP Chairman Northern region, Dr. Abass Bundu, at a press meeting, read a joint statement of the SLPP, PMDC and NDA political parties, stating reasons why they’ve resolved boycotting the Parliamentary meeting.

Disclosures have it though that the three political parties have vowed not to participate in any public meeting if the APC Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma did not implement the Shears-Moses report, lift the ban on the political activities, etc.

At the re-opening of the House of Parliament Friday 7th President Koroma however told the 99% APC represented forum that his government has made tremendous successes in the area of electricity, infrastructural development- roads construction- and agriculture respectively.

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  • Relax Babson, politics is not all about rage! There are some legitimate complaints from the opposition parties such as the APC Government’s delay in releasing the Shears-Moses Commission of Inquiry report to the public.

    The temporary ban on polical rallies assembly and association isn’t bad at all. Even though it raises the question of public safety versus civil liberties, it nevertheless challenges both the ruling party and the opposition to distinguish between politics and crime.

    What the county needs however is a climate for toleranace and appreciation of differences!

    10th October 2011
  • S.Lpp, PMDC etc has lost their integrity. Their polical ideas has gone to the drains. Boycotting the re-openining of Parliament on friday 7th October 2011 indicates their filthy politics that they always practice in our country. The law of politics says, Obey and Complaint. (NO FIGHT, NO HATRED,and NO VIOLENCE). They have let down the people they claimed to be representing. However, the people of Sierra Leone knows fully well their plans of derailing the peace and development of the country but it won’t work. The Government will definitely forged ahead with all the developpment projects and plans at hand. Nothing can stop them with God’s blessings.

    10th October 2011

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