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Mr. Idiot: Guinea Rice, Missing?

Mr. Idiot: Guinea Rice, Missing?

Just when the Idiot returned home late in the evening yesterday and was told by his wife there was no food for him, he was vexed and was almost to deal with the wife when apparently a friend of his reached the scene, telling him that the rice has still not reached the market for sale to the poor and needy.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

Oh! No surprise at all! Just last week, the Idiot was at respective market centers in Freetown, but practically could not observe a seed of the preached out Guinea rice at all.

Of course, it is an undeniable fact that as an Idiot nobody wants to employ at all.

So, it is but clear that the Idiot is practically a poor man and cannot at all afford to buy packet rice just as Ministers and other prominent public officers do.

It is in this vain that he cheerfully celebrated the arrival of what was tagged as ‘2000 tons’ of Guinea rice allegedly mortgaged to Sierra Leone government by the Guinea government.

At this point though, allow the Idiot recites boastful or rather provocative statement of the Minister of Political Affairs to hungry looking Sierra Leoneans some weeks ago: “our people are hungry and the traders seemed not listen to government’s request to reduce the price of rice. It is to this that we, as a government, decided to rush to Guinea begging them mortgage 2000 tons of rice to the Sierra Leone government so that our people would be sufficient and not die of hunger.”

The Idiot stands to be corrected anyway, but as far as his senseless, stupid and dimwitted thoughts are concerned, words as quoted above represent the imaginary remark of the forenamed Minister.

No disrespect for politicians at all, but disrespect for politicians who speaketh deceit to his people.

Now, can Ar-Lie- Far KaNu just tell the Idiot where the proclaimed 2000 tons of Guinea rice are and what they intend to do with it?

Call the Idiot Idiot, call him a moron, call him a senseless folk and call him Stupid Idiot; he will neither listen nor take your words serious at all.

My people, it is Mr. Idiot’s delight that you quickly bend your head down and take a cautious watch of a pictography showing how disgruntled, displeased and dissatisfied are Sierra Leoneans, who for uncountable reasons, just not understand why a rice allegedly imported into Sierra Leone by government (about a month now) has still not reached the markets for consumption.

In fact, it’s been told to the Idiot that the alleged Guinea rice have found itself into stores and warehouses of politicians and would only reach the poor when political campaigns are near.

And could it be true also that the rice was never given on loan to the Sierra Leone government as said by Ar-Lie-Far KaNu, but rather as a kind gesture from the Guinean government.

Whether the so called Guinea rice was given on loan or as a kind gesture or whichever way nevertheless, it is virtually of no concern to poor Sierra Leoneans at all.

All they need from government is for government to distribute the rice at respective market centers so that people can buy it at a very cheaper price.

Of course, and even though the Idiot is in doubt that Guinea, which up until now, sells a bag of rice for 300,000 franc (equivalent to Le 150.000 in the Sierra Leone) will supply tonnage of rice to Sierra Leone, he pays no attention to that but rather ask that the rice be sold to the poor.

My last word sir, I mean you A-Lie-far KaNu, please endeavour to make avail the rice you once talked about, reach the markets and then sold to the poor and needy, or will otherwise see you as a deceiver anyway.

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  • MR.IDIOT. Check your facts right, not just to sit yourself as an arm-chair journalist posting stories provoking good people about Guinea rice and so forth. Do you think you can use it against the APC Govt. like the case of your S.Lpp party and the Ghadaffi rice. “You must be a joker” Mr.idiot. That Libya rice gift was written all over Sierra Leone and of course the Philanthropist himself paid us a visit hoping to find his kind gesture on his good people faces of Sierra leone but alas!all was history and he has to reflect back with anger and pronouced/blast the SLpp Govt. about his humanitarian works to the suffering masses of Sierra leone by then. What a big Shame and degrading game to your own people. Did you ever post any story about Gadaffi’s anger about his rice and other stuff for our country no…no..I know you won’t- NA”Gasi-Gbasi” and(one sided-Journalism)but God is great and he is for us all. My advice to you now is, visit Minister Alpha Khan at his office (Do not hesitate) You will get the correct answers about the Guinean rice in Sierra leonean markets. Old boy, your game is up, you have lost the score. it seems as if you are new in politics and in a very big haste. ‘na small,small’ I am still thinking of sending you for a workshop training to Yayah Jammeh of Gambia with your ninja journalism and later to Mugabe in Zimbabwe for you to learn good journalism. ‘NO QUAMS’ Old boy just give us credible reports and you will be praised for the noble profession you living on now as a background and not these dirty political propagander you have in your brain against the APC Govt. A word for the wise…… is quite sufficient… If you have ears to hear… you will hear.. lonta

    6th October 2011

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