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Mr. Idiot: Police bomblast not AFRC bomblast!

Mr. Idiot: Police bomblast not AFRC bomblast!

It is becoming a stomach-aching problem to the Idiot that his country of birth – present day Sierra Leone – tops the list of countries that overindulged into thoughtless, awful and pitiless use of the police to wreak untold havoc on blameless civilians.  (Photo: Ibrahim Samura, Editor)

As a knighted Idiot of a type, and of course a knight in shinning armor, he is completely disappointed at both the police and the politicians correspondingly.

He sees the two as conspiratorially and inhumanly inflicting harm upon defenseless Sierra Leoneans.

Now, allow the Idiot to tell it all to society – I mean the easy to fool citizens of Sierra Leone – that it was shaming nonetheless that a member in the office of the President is seen engaged in the exchange of words with an editor of a local tabloid all because something is said concerning a sacred cow in relation to the arrest of police sergeant Sammy Bangura aka Bomblast.

Knowing who Idiots are, it is but compelling however that this year’s intake of Idiots is sure to record the highest.

It has been communicated to members of the Association of Idiots (AOI) that there will be an emergency meeting to decide on whether the State House press officer has met set standards qualifying him as member in the Association of Idiots come December this year.

Of course, you may want to ask why the State House press officer, and not the numerous number of Ministers in the President Koroma’s cabinet?

Just hold your peace though, the answer will be given but not now.  Allow the Idiot first to treat the issue surrounding the arrest of a police officer in Jendema town in relation to the Bo town shooting and killing of unarmed civilians.

I am sure you now know that the Idiot is completely fearless.

No wonder one of the world’s greatest writers, William Shakespeare, once said in his book ‘Julius Caesar’ that ‘cowards died many times before their death, but a brave man dies only once.’

And because the Idiot is practically not a coward, he was left without option but respectfully recite the above quotation of William Shakespeare’s to make fools accept the fact that the arrest of Sergeant Bomblast is of national concern and must be treated with extreme seriousness.

To the Idiot, it matters not whether the name Bomblast relates to an assigned Presidential guard or was one of defunct Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) members.

All he cares about is having the police come out with a public statement explaining the involvement of their personnel in the Bo saga.

My people, even though people call me Stupid Mr. Idiot, I have vowed not to pay attention to shams and charades from particularly the politicians, who for any reason want people’s attention diverted from the realities; redirect minds of concerned Sierra Leoneans from the police sergeant Bomblast to AFRC Bomblast. No dice at all.

Call me stupid, senseless or dimwitted Idiot; I couldn’t care less about it.   For all I know is that, no member in the independent investigation committee would want his/her name soiled because of politicians.

The Idiot was rather taken aback barely after reading through headlines of some of the local tabloids yesterday; some carrying bold headlines and photographs of the AFRC Bomblast to showcase to Sierra Leoneans that he is not a Presidential bodyguard as alleged by another tabloid.

No. That’s not the man police arrested in Jendema town at all. Ah ah, den say Baylor Barrie u say Davidson Nicol – whoof.

And don’t you dare blame the Idiot.  Being an Idiot, he is manifestly a senseless and unintelligent man.

So, seeing him vomit garbage from outside his rotten mouth ought not to make any surprise to all, at all?

Would it surprise you also that the Idiot is a friend of the said AFRC Bomblast?  But trust me, ‘Bomblast’ or ‘Blast’ as I always call him, knows me better than those now talking of him.

No need to bother discussing ‘AFRC Bomblast’ at all. He has had no bearing to the Bo unrest and must not be dragged into it.

The Idiot’s attention has been drawn to the fact that the police have been quiet over the claims concerning the arrest of Sergeant Sammy Bangura aka Bomblast.

No doubt at all that the Idiot, on number of occasions, used his mobile phone to crosscheck from the police media boss, Assistant Superintendent Ibrahim Samura, but gets nothing from him at all.

“Samura,” ASP Samura said, “it is a lie that Sergeant Sammy Bangura’s arrest is related to the Bo shooting.”

“Anyway, I am in a meeting and will get to you soon after I finish,” he said.

Up until Mr. Idiot’s writing of this piece, he has not got a response from the police ASP Samura as to allegations surrounding the arrest of Sergeant Sammy aka Bomblast.

Information linking police involvement in the Bo shooting has been harkened by the Idiot and will be exposed unrestrained.

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