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Leone Stars continue striving – the battle is on

Leone Stars continue striving – the battle is on

The recent victory of the Waterfront boys against the Phaoroahs of Egypt is a sweet victory and its joy will never end .It has brought not only pride of a successful come back to FIFA’s good books for the Sierra Leonean soccer to be considered a force to reckon with, but, it has unified and given a spirit of nationalism among Sierra Leoneans. The unity and support given to the National side, indicates a clear sign that,  if Sierra Leoneans should rally in a similar way and build sincere support around ourselves with peace and tranquility, we should be able to progress in our development enormously.

Unfortunately the joy of celebration is still lingering in us, when the enemies of Sierra Leone have struck our hearts of joy with demonic actions. This of course is outrageous and unacceptable, and I am sure the entire Sierra Leonean population and the civilized world of Nations, would not allow this wicked plan by enemies of the state to succeed. The hard won peace and sacrifice the entire Nation is practicing would not be lost to a few selfish, foolish, barbaric, monstrous and unblessed pagans.  This time around, nobody is going to toy with the valuable peace and take Sierra Leone by force or by surprise and start maiming people, our disciplined forces would be there to act in a timely manner, to prevent and disallow any form of anarchy irrespective of its origin. Too bad,” all men are equal but some are more equal”, the word for the wise is sufficient ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  It will be peace and progress, all the way, and our waterfront boys have demonstrated that by beating peacefully, the Pharaohs of Egypt, and they shall  beat the Bafana Bafana of South Africa says the oracle of African soccer pa MMSSIMM.

Accordng the oracle also, mind you this is similar to the prophecy of the German Octopus predictions of the last world cup that came out perfect. ‘That what remains to be done is a quick return to the drawing board and review mistakes of past matches, but this time is more of counselling. The team is now coordinating very well, but what is lacking is self confidence. The Leone Stars are at the level of most professionals and the only formula to apply is to relate as or superior professionals, avoid thinking as inferiors to whatever team you are to face  There are eleven men against eleven men do your homework by proper work out and play for victory.


Augustine Kamara, USA

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