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APC dances in Airtel’s shoes

APC dances in Airtel’s shoes

It’s no gainsaying that party politics is conspicuously invading developmental strides in Sierra Leone. Discreet canvassing of voters is fastly becoming a way of life for politicians themselves consequently negating their moral bounds.

There is more to be told especially when party politics has unsuspectingly crept into the bedrock of the very socio-economic fabric of our society.

A divide of such nature epitomizes every bit of contest that is to commence in every facet ranging from election of class monitors right through the staff welfare association of various institutions.

Tacitly, party political campaigns are expected to be embedded in manifestos and subsequently in the gains made by respective organs.

Just last week, one of Sierra Leone’s telecommunication giants Airtel, in its launching of the Mabonto village site in the Tonkolili District incidentally observed that the company’s red colored corporate identity was used to propagate the views of the APC by unknown youths who witnessed the ceremony. A host of the APC front liners formed part of the pomp and pergentry.

Speakers in the August event were mainly from the ruling government. The Minister of Information and Communication Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, the commissioner of Natcom Siray Timbo, members of Parliament who are APC were in attendance and were in their  “reds.”

Most of the speakers took their time off to campaign for their APC party, ignoring Airtel’s message of rekindling life to the gullible rural poor peasants but rather singing the APC ideologies tainted with a contentious picture as if it was another goal scored by the government.

How the Airtel’s function degenerated into slogans such as osai- owai, nor to we na we, was all but a complete mystery anyway.

Surely, Airtel would not fall for that but they were unduly influenced. It is high time we start thinking objectively and strive for development rather than sapping on other people’s initiatives, branding them as political gains.

Let us also put our shoulders to the wheel and transform the party sales to real development using combine efforts.

Political campaigns are time-table and must be attended to when elections are ripe otherwise it would be seen as the unscrupulous selling of both the APC and SLPP yet people perish in hunger and abject poverty.

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  • Mr. Editor. keep your cool. ‘If you lodged a great person in your house, that greatness will linger on you and your household’. APC Party should make use of any good opportunity within our shores–Whilst they are in power(sweet of office,old boy). Infact Airtel are very privileged to have the backing of the ruling Government(APC)with their exhibitions within the country. Your so-called party has enjoyed a lot of privileges during their 10 or 12 years reign and nobody moans.Think of the micro credit schemes, DDR programmes, NACSITT and to name but a few. You Guys enjoyed a lot so don’t be selfish. “Wuna lef APC” – “na God put them dae” The almighty God has crowned their efforts no one must curse or you will be cursed. lonta

    25th September 2011

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