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Mr. Idiot’s Ramadan greeting to all

Mr. Idiot’s Ramadan greeting to all

‘EID- MUBARRAK, SHAU RAMADAN,’ salutation to brothers in the Muslim faith! I greet you in the name of Allah the beneficent and merciful.

I am sure you are aware of the fact that fasting brings grace and blessing to homes and families the world over.

As an Idiot, I have been left without option but to faithfully join Muslim worshippers to graciously honour and celebrate Idul-Fitri in the month of Ramadan.

I was also compelled to visit homes of a number of Muslims in Freetown to enable me sound their opinion on the unreasonable and unfair cost of living.

Of course, research proves just as last year. Things have however not changed at all.

Almost all spoken to, used words such as ‘things are hard,’ illustrating the distress they go through as they fast.

No surprise at all that Muslims accused the traders of over pricing market commodities.

It is becoming unchallengeable to society any longer that traders can increase the prices market commodities when holidays are near.

To the Idiot, it sounds appalling and practically disappointing that even during moments of fasting people suffer hardship due to the inhuman conduct of the business people and politicians.

The month of Ramadan is sacred, and business people and politicians must be compelled to keep it sanctified too.

As for you the politicians, the Idiot was with Muslim clergies at the Central Mosque to pray for you.

During the prayers, it was revealed to him that the end is not far from near at all.

In fact, it was without doubt that disgrace lies ahead of politicians, who within the short period of time, have built houses and are millionaires in dollars at off-shore countries.

For it is written in the good books that thieves find themselves in hell but the honest in heaven.

Yes, call me an Idiot; one who is senseless and brainless. For all I know is that, even though Idiots are Idiots, Mr. Idiot is practically commendable.

Albeit an Idiot, he has been the only man that received sacred revelations of imminent catastrophe against crooked and unprincipled politicians.

That apart, he has been asked to broadcast God’s annoyances against the rich and greedy.

He was told to tell cabinet Ministers and other public officers to avoid doing things that are corruptibly corrupt.

My people, fellow citizen, it is also revealed that the Anti Corruption Commissioner, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, no longer prosecute corrupt  government officers, but rather occupied himself in the sensitization of corruption related issues at schools and organizations.

The Idiot will rather not bother with that one at all. After the holiday, he will abidingly address and undress wrong doings of public officers.

Tomorrow is Ramadan holiday, and all must be congratulated for celebrating it.

After the holiday, it is definite that the Idiot will put on his radical gown to expose uncalled conducts of bad politicians and statesmen.

Mr. Idiot has been told that the Anti Corruption boss has abandoned ‘handing over notes’ left him by his predecessor, Abdul Tejan Cole, owing to political commands that he should virtually not summon any Minister or public officer to the court for corruption until after the 2012 elections.

So be it sir. But trust, Mr. Idiot will surely not let you go unpunished at all.

It is all part of his Ramadan prayers at the Central Mosque.

Thank God, prominent Muslim clerics and clergies jointly joined the Idiot in reciting active and unfailing verses in the Quran to load curses on the head of unscrupulous statesmen.

Mr. Idiot’s interest is however drawn to whispers of Muslims regarding the ensuing adversity and suffering.

He was told that hundreds of Muslims, who cannot afford a meal a day to break their fast, wait in line at the gate of Central Mosque to at least join the upper hands breakfast.

 Happy Idul- Fitri to all in Sierra Leoneans.

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