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Attitudinal change, an antidote to a better Sierra Leone

Attitudinal change, an antidote to a better Sierra Leone

The starting point of everyone’s successful journey in life depends on his or her own attitude. Whether you call it your disposition, manner, temperament, spirit, approach, position, personality, posture, outlook or opinion your attitude has a major bearing on the level of your success, believe me. (Photo: author)

Politics in general, people cry out loud that, politics is all about numbers, yes it’s true but if what makes these numbers are not-self gratitude, self-respect and self esteemed within the confines of our political party, we don’t need to moralize others about attitudinal change. We have to be ready to accept the antidote of an attitudinal change within us before we start preaching our fellow citizens about attitudinal change.

One thing you have to bear in mind is that, on your road to becoming successful in politics, no matter what your definition of “success” may be, there are a number of fundamentals or principles that you must make as a part of your life both personal as well as professional. When His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma took office, he made it copiously clear that, you must start to respect yourself, be dedicated and ready to serve, be a corruption free advocate, adore your comrades, look up to your party high ranks, have sympathy of the impoverish nation and venerate your political leaders.  By doing so, then you don’t need to have the worries about attitudinal problem.

When all these sentiments of good words are no more formlessness, well, I am making it my life’s undertakings to share with you personally, as many people as possible with the synthesis of what I have learned in my Real Estate career.  That is to say, there are many principles for success in life to which some of you are violating. We have to desist of being corrupt, deceitful, hypocrite and the pull-him-down campaign against your political leaders or someone you proud to be your party affiliates. Most are the fundamentals or the nitty-gritty that we all aware of in our lives and which we all know deep in our hearts but have let the pressures of daily living cause us to set aside in an effort to take the short cut or the easy route to our daily survival.

The ignorant would have you to believe that success or failure in your lifetime is a matter of luck, happenstance, and destiny no matter how you did it. Let that be you own excuse. What really success you had put in it, is the simplest form which follows the commonsense of regulations or fundamentals that anyone can follow. It is the antidote of this issue, and all following issues, of successful plans to help you understand and use those fundamentals and guidelines to reach your own desired level of accomplishment.

It’s time to get this concept in order. In mankind, a footstep of your childhood life’s journey starts with your attitude. You can call it anyway you want to because, the level your success lies on the threshold of your attitude. Attitude may be defined in two ways as:

  1. Personal view of something: an opinion or general feeling about something which will ameliorates or revolutionize you to a change of positive attitude
  2. Bodily posture: a physical posture, either conscious or unconscious, especially while interacting with others

The panacea of a good attitudinal change is finding within you. Your attitude and feelings will infect or effect the actions of your moods, and feelings of those around you. If you face your comrades with a cheerful expectant attitude around them, they will definitely try to know you more than ever. Therefore, expect more positive results from your attitude and your performances accordingly. But if you face your fellow citizens with off-putting attitude, pessimism, down trodden attitude, believe me, it will tell on you and be ready to expect poor reaction from such behavior which will give you those negatives reception back. Bear in mind that, your behavioral attitude towards your fellow citizens, the underprivileged and the amateurish, will reflect upon your attitude back to yourself. Your attitude to the people of your country will tell on you who will show out the type of attitude within you (cause and effect). Moreover, the main rules to being successful in life is to know that the world is a mirror, and it’s often a merciless mirror, of ourselves and the habitual attitude we carry within us will show in our trait.

My observations for many Sierra Leoneans today, people live a life of doubtfulness, defensiveness and skepticism.  We have some Sierra Leoneans within our midst that are walking with narrow-minded or doubtful visions, negatively commenting on others around them. They continue to build emotional walls to protect their deceitful looks, and corrupt deeds and this type of behavioral attitude, which makes no sense. This type of poor attitude is a magnet for undesirable experiences. Therefore, these undesirable experiences come, as they must, because of their behavioral attitude that reinforces their poor attitude; goes in a form of a circle and all starts again. Clearly, this individual will become both the prophet and the prophecy. “We get what we expect, move on and that’s it”!

We human beings are responsible for our own lives; we are where we are because of choices we made (cause and effect) during the course when we were running away from the civil war for our lives. If we want to be somewhere else today in our lives, we need to make the choices that will move us there – the starting choice would be the choice of changing our own attitude.  Our behavioral attitude makes we get back exactly what type of attitude we put out to the public. As soon as we begin to change, the world will begin to reflect those changes – immediately.

Think about this for a moment: If you are the type of person that has a good attitude on the average, and one day you come into work and you emotionally feeling down, what would be the first questions you are asked by your fellow employees? That is right! What’s wrong?  Believe me, you will quickly see a change and react to it swiftly. The same will work in the opposite direction. If you normally carry a negative or defensive attitude, the changing of that attitude will have immediate impact on how the world perceives and reacts to you.

So as you shape and pattern your life as a Sierra Leonean whether a politician, personal or professional, people will know that it is further detailed and textured by your habitual attitude. Many people start their day in a neutral attitude pattern. This is unfortunate. For these people are usually moved into the day’s attitude by the first stimulus they encounter, either good or bad, they will take it. These attitudinal chameleons, crawling through their day, changing the color of their cheer or discontent to that of their environments, are always very scary. Attitudinal chameleons are reasons why we MUST control our attitudes, abstain from corruption, power abuse, the pull-him-down syndrome, reduce the pattern of always being greedy and ensuring the other advanced nations that we (Sierra Leoneans) are excellent, good mannerism, good governance and good attitude within ourselves.

Essa Thaim Kurugba, in Kambia, Sierra Leone

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