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“What is wrong with Sama Banya?”

“What is wrong with Sama Banya?”

That was the question asked by a Charles Macrae in the for-di-people newspaper publication of Thursday August 11. I have researched the question and here are some of the facts that came up and which might be of interest to Charles Macrae, or would it now?  Sama Siama Kailondo Banya is a staunch member of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and who was lulled into joining the All Peoples Congress Party by its founder and owner/dictator the late President Siaka Probyn Stevens.  During his tenure he and his boss from time to time saw a number of things from different perspectives which culminated in his refusal to back an amendment to the country’s constitution which allowed the head of the armed forces to succeed the old man as President, contrary to the provisions of the constitution. On some occasions, in compliance with the constitution, Dr. Banya when he was minister of finance would act as Vice President whenever the position became vacant and which never lasted for more than a week.  It was on those occasions that his critics and detractors today expected him to have built a motorway to his home town of Kailahun, built a one million megawatt hydro-electricity dam across the Moa River which separates Sierra Leone and Guinea and which river is less than three miles from Kailahun.  (Photo:  Dr  Sama Banya)

Since Dr. Banya returned to the SLPP and in the current dispensation he has become a thorn in the flesh of the ruling APC.  What irks his detractors most is that at 81, he remains physically, mentally and intellectually alert. The most annoying characteristic of this dinosaur is that HE DOESN’T SUFFER FOOLS, SYCOPHANTS, PRAISE SINGERS, HYPOCRITS AND LYING LIERS GLADLY; those who remain blind to the realities of the times. There are so many such within the APC, including the likes of Charles Macrae. As I read his column I was left cold with disgust that chaps like him do not bat an eyelid as they pen what they know to be absolutely false. His reference to the civil service must be a big joke and so is practically every allegation therein. Has he reflected on the composition of the civil service as well as the parastatals under the SLPP, on the composition of the SLPP cabinet the list of which is currently in various newspapers? Cannot such fellows endeavour to arm themselves with just a little moral integrity? And the fellow has the temerity to ask “What is wrong with Sama Banya?”


Once again our youth are in the news but for the wrong reasons. I refer to the latest embarrassing episode of those who are chosen to represent this country in the international arena. Twelve from our contingent that went to Sweden on a Scout jamboree have disappeared into thin air.  Soon they’ll surface and claim asylum that they were running away from political persecution and harassment coupled with economic hardship. Of course the last excuse is legitimate although that does not justify their despicable behaviour. Others had done a similar thing in other countries at different times, one being in Finland; when that happened our self-publicised human rights activist said on Finish television that the young people were justified to seek greener pastors because there was no future for them in their own country Sierra Leone. At the time a 60 kg’ of rice was selling at Le60,000 per 50kg. bag and Paul Kamara was the owner and managing of for-di-people newspaper.  Today he is the minister of sports and youth employment in the APC government under which the country is going through the worst economic difficulty known. Youth unemployment is out of control. Paul, speak, Puawui is listening and don’t forget a brief comment on the saga of the twenty thousand United States that you were supposed to use for the accommodation and subsistence allowance for the Niger football officials. Come on O’Bai Bureh’s praise singer and cabinet minister, we are waiting. Huh!

Maada Bio’s Running Mate.

The opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party elected Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio as its flag bearer exactly two weeks ago. Since then both the nominee and the national executive committee of the party have continued to devote their time on the very important task reconciliation at all levels, which mercifully is reported to be going smoothly. But now people whose only interest in our party is its unlikely disintegration and fractionalisation; have made speculation for a running mate to Bio their preoccupation. They’ve pitted different candidates against each other, including the name of Kanja Sesey who has come out with a categorical statement to end the speculation on his candidature. All these people care for is the opportunity to say that such and such a person had worked so hard for the party and look at the manner in which Maada Bio and his executive have ditched him or her. When the time comes Maada Bio and the party will come up with a name that will be acceptable to all our members. I have repeated quite often that we have a surfeit of leadership material from which to choose, so please leave us to select our priorities and concentrate on the pitiable plight of the people.

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