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Comments on “Mr. Idiot – Bio Di Master Coupist…?”

Comments on “Mr. Idiot – Bio Di Master Coupist…?”

Edie Bayor on Wed, 3rd Aug 2011 3:25 pm 

If Maada Bio was the Vice Chairman at the time when killing of 28 people where killed during the NPRC then where was SAJ Musa.

Foday Bangura on Wed, 3rd Aug 2011 9:01 pm 

Bayor, SAJ Musa was thrown out of the NPRC regime and sent to England and he was replaced by Maada Bio.

Emmanuel “Shelley” Conteh, Mankato, MN on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 1:42 am 

Bio’s defenders would do anything to try to make him innocent of the extra-judicial killings involving Col. Yahyah Kanu, Bambay Kamara, Salamie Corker and others. To be fair to Mr. Bayor, Maada Bio wasn’t the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) Vice-Chairman at the time of the unwarranted bloody executions, but late S.A.J. Musa.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t make him less culpable than Musa, Tom Nyuma and others!

This proposition might be a hard sell to Bayor and the legion of Bio supporters, for whom responsibility for the December 1992 extra-judicial executions of 29 fellow compatriots must rest squarely on the shoulders of late S.A.J. Musa! Alas, the dead do not and can never talk!

Yankay Seisay on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 2:33 am 

Just when we think this Wuteteh guys will learn from their mistakes, yet again and again they show there true color.

Honestly speaking, if I was a Mende this is not something I will celebrate. Where is the popularity, unity, democracy, tribalism, sectionalism they always hype about?

We have 14 tribes in Sierra Leone, aren’t none fit to be in the executive. Shame on those northern prodigal so called. Knowing that you lot can’t speak or neither understand the Mende lingua and it vocabularies yet you want to fit in. The Mendes are trained to be SLPP since the day they were born.

You guys need to go to school for this. I was so happy until when I saw the result of the SLPP preso candidate votes, and then saw how my sister Kadi Sesay was beaten woefully. What wrong with you Mende guys don’t you know how to treat a lady.

 Now am vexed. Mr SABABU Lecturer got only 2 votes. Well that an abuse on it own merit. The rest of you losers take heart.

Even though you guys are duly advised how we do things, south-eastern way. Next time folks vote for a red snake in green grass, it is transparent.

But a green snake in a green grass, now you acting stupid to think it’s transparent. Do not vote it.

To you losers, all is not lost join me celebrate another victory for the upright man EBK the man himself.

Nothing more nothing less. As for the military mad man who play the tribal card before and preparing to do again. Well, you must be mad to vote for him.

This guy has plenty blood in his hands

Joseph Sanusi on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 10:39 am 

I can’t imagine anyone else who is more idiotic than the so-called Mr. Idiot. His rancour and outburst has proved it beyond reproach. Whoever told this idiot that tribalism is all about the Mendes assuming leadership? Can’t this idiot step back and take a proper analysis of how all the political parties are presently constituted? What criteria did this idiot use in making such laughable claims? I have no iota of doubt that this idiot has no rival. There is no doubt that the Sierra Express was strongly in support of Osman Bio.

It has therefore proved to be a bad looser even after 600+ quality heads have chosen over what this idiotic brain wanted. Yet these are the same people who claim to be opinion shapers and would want others to reckon with them. Ridiculous!!!

 The SLPP has no space for idiots so you had better team up with your APC and continue ‘joking’ ’cause that’s what the likes of you are good for. You have enough reason to settle your scores with the First lady now and join the bandwagon of ‘brown envelope’ seekers. What a pity? The world is watching!

Emmanuel “Shelley” Conteh, Mankato, MN on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 2:08 pm 

Sanusi is an angry Mende man! One can understand his outbursts and hysteria because he and other Bio defenders never imagined power would elude them! He can’t explain to us why the demographics that were heavily in favor of Osman Boie during the just concluded SLPP Presidential nominee elections suddenly switched to Maada Bio.

 How about the secret Mende oath that was taken hours before the voting started, involving Bio, Nyuma, the senile Sama Banya, Benjamin and other Mende big shots in the SLPP?

It’s pointless to attempt to distract readers away from the charges that the above commentary raised, as Sanusi and other Bio defenders wish to do. That in itself is a worrying sign of idiocy! The editorial is a brief review of Bio’s past, which is murky and sordid.

Of course, Sanusi and other Bio clones not and would never see it that way. So, for them, they would do everything to try to rewrite history. What a pitiful way to try to whitewash Maada Bio and the SLPP!

Abdulai Bundu Conteh on Thu, 4th Aug 2011 4:43 pm 

I would label this phenomenon as collective paranoid disorder in the forever green party with elements of dementia in seniors. The (pa-o-pa) imperative doctrine’ indubitably, forcibly equivalent to a dominant overwhelmed by rigidity, persistence maladaptive patterns of perception, communication and thinking.

Excessive sensitivity to neglect, abuse, suspect, distrust, vindicate and jealous. The people shouldn’t be instrumental for any entity. We Sierra Leoneans must learn to trust the people’s wisdom.

It’s this very wisdom that the civilized world labeled as democracy. It’s high time for real progress, responsible and conscience governance. Changing the quality of our lives to meet those of the civilized world.

Progress is our perception (proactive thinking)/ Thinking that would allow us to innovate other than engagement in autolysis. Lets us make this Nation a win for all not a fiasco for all. Please don’t implement (Pa-O- Pa) doctrine the whole world is watching! Was the (Pa-o-pa) imperative doctrine out of a young man’s maximalism has it transform over the years? Like the (Pa-o-pa )of Galileo or to that of a well known German?

Hajjmann on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 5:54 am 

This articles clearly shows where this so called Mr Idiot is heading. Because if Mr Idiot is talking about Trabalism practiced in the SLPP while failing to mention the tribalism openly practiced by the past and present APC and not even mentioning the hardship people are encountering now then this is a shame and this blatant diversion from the truth by you so called journalist will only take Mama Salone to the darkness that you are hoping for. Indeed you are an IDIOT

KAMARA on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 6:20 am 

Give me a break Mr. Idiot. Is SLPP less tribalistic than APC? (Temne-limba-loko) will APC elect a Mende as Presidential candidate? No way. How many votes did SLPP get in Bombali, Port Loko, Tonkolili in 2007. What was the composition of Koroma’s cabinet?

Politics in a democratic Sierra Leone where the majority is illiterate will be tribally based, just as in Nigeria, guinea and Ivory Coast. Stop crying. The northerners would not vote for a southern candidate and Southerners would not vote for a northern candidate. The battle is in Kono, Koinadugu, Kambia and Freetown. Unfortunately for SLPP, the northerners outnumber the southerners in Freetown.

Bio was not the best candidate but was elected democratically; something you gbose gbose APC are not accustomed to. We true SLPP will accept even if we have to lose the 2012 elections. We will rebuild.

If you look the State Sierra Leone today, APC and Ernest Koroma should be thrashed at the polls. The country has regressed since 2007. Where is the uninterrupted Light in Freetown as promised? Where is the Water? What happened to the Leone?

Joseph Sanusi on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 6:21 am 

When I decried the idiotic labelling of Maada Bio as a Mende just because he won the SLPP leadership, I had no doubt such rabid and bigoted little minds as Emmanuel and Abdulai will come in to identify themselves as the unrivalled idiot that has always masked themselves as the so-called Mr. Idiot.

Indeed they are because they refuse to be liberated from their tribal diatribes. If you are to be enlightened, I am a proud Madingo anti-tribalist. You hate people of other tribes ’cause your demented and ‘alzheimic’ brain prevents you from thinking outside of your ethnic circles.

 Why can’t guys like you grow up? It’s a shame that whilst many more important issues exist in Sierra Leone to think about, all you talk about is the tribe – especially of the Mendes. If I may ask, did your people play a role in making yourself a part of the tribe that you hold so dear? Are Mendes not Sierra Leoneans or are they not Sierra Leonean enough to hold leadership in Sierra Leone? Does a Mende victory to you always imply tribalism? It’s pathetic that such deranged (sorry, idiotic) people as you should be controlling important media outlets as this. It’s a pity that people as you can choose to be so short-sighted.

Lima on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 7:39 am 

There are still people with sleepless nights because delegates elected Maada, what a worry for lazy politicians. We are going to support Maada till the end. It is only Maada that can remove APC from Power. It was through the bullet last time and now Ballot. Second coming for the political Messi -No 10. Go to bed and sleep man. We waiting for the referee to say (payrap)

Yankay Seisay on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 12:50 pm 

Ha harrrrrrrrrrrr har, come 2012 until then wait and see. Stop boku tok.

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  • This is not about tribe or about education. I am a Mende and I can vouch that we Mendes have been living in an illusionary world claiming we are by far the most educated ethnic group. It is a fat lie. Because of this false assumption of ours, every successive APC government and even the SLPP government had favoured Northerners in Educational quotas which evidentially have resulted to more, especially the Limba ethnic group unknowingly topping the list of highly educated individuals when you compare their total number to the number of highly educated individuals they have produced to that of the other major tribes namely the Mendes and Temnes. If you want to prove me right, count the number of Mende and non Mende especially Limba PHD holders and Masters holders in the country by a) University and other higher institutions lecturers and teachers, b) Doctors in the medical Field, c) Doctors and Masters holders in Government institutions and d) the Judiciary and Fourth Estate, NGO and private institutions within the country and you will be amazed about how we have been dressing ourselves in borrowed robes.
    Why do you think the Limbas will die for the APC? The simple answer, the APC has elevated them both in terms of education, social Status and employment facilities than any other singular Sierra Leone Tribe.
    By the way Maada Bio was Vice President for two and half years in the NPRC and became head for six months, tell me how many Mende Men and women did he help by way of scholarship or financial or job. Take a look at Maada Bio’s cabinet when he ruled for six months and you will be surprised at the number of Mendes he gave position to (minimal). Judge the man on his own account and not tribe. This is how the wrong people have always been ruling Africa because of this tribe, tribe business which the use to hide their in competency likes it is today with President Koroma who is on record after Siaka Stevens and Sir Milton, to rule in peace and harmony and yet is playing politics with developments. If Maada Bio ends up winning the elections he is going to be so much of a disappointment to even us his Mende brothers. As for me my votes goes to a unifier and I am yet to see who that will be.
    Jusu from Loppa Dama, Kenema District, Moa womma section

    10th August 2011
  • Well done George for making yourself look silly and stupid again! Even your Bio co-supporters would feel terribly disappointed by your drivel. They would be wondering and asking themselves, “What was he thinking before he wrote and had his reaction published?!”

    Assuming that I’m doing any of the odd jobs you suggested, wouldn’t that please you rather than have me usurped power like Maada Bio did in the 1990s and bilked away the treasury of Sierra Leone? Which would you prefer, me doing some odd job here in America or use usurped powers like Maada Bio to rape a whole country like Sierra Leone? Wouldn’t you be happy for me to sweat my ass-off here in America doing some odd job than to remove a civilian kleptocracy and replace it with a military kleptocracy like the one Bio and Strasser presided over before they fell out? Come on now, George! Please have some little brains!

    But even if these questions are tough for you to answer, have some courtesy for our readers and allow this discussion to refocus itself again to the charges levelled against Bio in the editorial “Mr. Idiot – Bio Di Master Coupist…?”

    The editorial, among other things, claimed Maada Bio is a serial coupist, traitor, electoral manipulator, thug, cold-blooded murderer and so on. These are serious charges especially against a man that aspires to run a country of 6 million people! The country needs answers. The world needs answers too.

    Now instead of answering these charges, you and other Bio supporters are busy attacking the personalities of people like us that are demanding answers. You’ve decided to take the low road because you’ve deluded yourselves into believing that Bio is not accountable to the Sierra Leonean electorate. Neither you, his supporters nor he himself wish to be asked the tough questions associatted with his tainted past.

    But democratic politics is a grilling process, which isn’t for the weak. If you guys do not want your “hero”, Maada Bio to take the heat, you must advise him not to enter the kitchen. It’s still not too late for you to do so to save him and yourselves further embarrassment.

    Meanwhile, you can do your candidate well by telling us wether or not he did all those things said about him in his past. Tell us whether it is true or false that he was involved in murdering 28 innocent fellow compatriots in December 1992, in looting Sierra Leone’s treasury under the National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) junta rule, the illegal sale of our passports and so on. The people of Sierra Leone have the right to know whether or not Maada Bio enagaged in the surreptitious sale of a five star hotel whose proceeds were never accounted for and some other heist. They also have a right to know whether or not he arm-twisted the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Government of former President Tejan Kabbah to grant him and other NPRC top brass amnesty for human rights abuses, war atrocities and other egregious crimes committted while in office.

    Either Bio’s supporters answer these and other charges or learn to shut up! There’s a time and place to debate the other issues. For now, the issue is Maada Bio’s bloody, violent, treacherous and sleazy past.

    10th August 2011
  • Hey Mr Idiot Emmanuel, I wrote simple and clear for you to comprehend. I am not going to look into dictionary to express my opinion to Mr Idiot like you. Let me tell you, you are so worry about Maada Bio because is a threat to APC party. I know you are living in USA doing Odd/Housekeeping JOB that’s while using “GONNA” which is not in the Dictionary, it is a pegging language Mr fool. You can’t use it in public forum if you are well educated as you claim. Please continue with your hard JOB to pay your bills and forget about Maada. He had being in State house before and it will be again this time with ballot come 2012. APC has fail Mr Idiot the people of Sierra Leone

    9th August 2011
  • There goes another angry Mende man, just like Sanusi before him! This number’s gonna grow and grow. George isn’t gonna be the last on its list. Here’s an imbecile who’s mumbo-jumbo english is hard to understand, and yet want us to still believe in his hypnosis that the Mendes are the most educated ethnic group in the country! Let us cut him some slack here by concluding that he is basing his argument at best on mere assumptions and at worse on myths.

    But assuming he was right, this explains why sober-minds are mad that some of George’s “largest” and “most educated” Mende tribe contributing to this discussion haven’t yet used their education well to counter the charges levelled against Maada Bio.

    In other words, what sort of education is it, if its supposed beneficiaries cannot use it to answer simple questions raised in an editorial as “Mr Idiot – Bio Di Master Coupist…?”?

    Sanusi couldn’t answer them either. rather than do so, he decided to take the low road of attacking the personalities of those of us demanding answers pertaining to Bio’s murky past. Let’s make it clear for the records: the presidency of any modern democracy is not cheap. Its holder must be grilled thoroughly to ensure that he/she meets the expectations of citizens. And Maada Bio is no exception to this rule, even if that means making his clones blue!

    8th August 2011
  • Mr Idiot have you ever examine Kerafa Kargbo role in the execution of the 28 and his new found status today in the APC Goverment?? “Unu lef — we tire wit IB Kargbo und Alpha Kahn dem Lie Lie … Please as people continue for suffer”

    8th August 2011
  • Hey Guys Northerner

    First of all Mende is the largest tribe in Sierra Leone and most educated. So therefore Mende is 100 percent over qualify to be a Candidate and President of any political party in our beloved Country Sierra Leone. What is the cry about of Bio to be the Presidential Candidate of SLPP? APC has fail woefully the Sierra Leonean in all Area you can think of development. People saying roads and light, forgetting about living condition which right now unbearable beyond imagination.

    No money in the Country but APC enriching themselves. But I blame the so called youths in Freetown, forgetting the past record of APC. They never improve but destroy the fabric of the economy for past years. SLPP left power 2007 rice of bag was between 60,000 to 70,000 leones, now that price has triple for a bag. Also US dollar was between 2000 to 3000 leones SLPP time. So What is going here give me a break?. They so called APC politicians talking about recession of World economy has fail them.

    That is blunt lies since I born in Sierra Leone we had been in recession through out with no changes. So set up APC members, SLPP must take you thieves out come 2012 any cheating by NEC for APC will surely divide North and South to two different countries apart like Sudan

    8th August 2011

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