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Mr Express 11-12-09

Mr Express 11-12-09

Labour Minister set death trap

Minster of Labour, Mr. Express can reveal, is set to send over three thousand youths on the firing line in a bogus overseas employment in Afghanistan where citizens and coalition forces are dying daily and the death toll is rising.

It does not surprise Mr. Express to note that youths have flung themselves unto the opportunity seeing it as a golden way of reaching greener pastures even in the flaring wake of death.

Promises of work and the enticement of dollars is the main enticer in this program. But while blaming the Labour Minister, we also need to caution those who want to go to Iraq and Afghanistan for work. This is a signal to Agba Ernesto to make haste and provide jobs for his people.

Musical industry politicized!

Things have gone hay wire in the country’s musical industry as the political contagion of the beastly type has crept into the veins of topnotch revolutionary musicians and are now spitting brine stone and fire interpreted to mean the traditional Green vs. Red fight.

The only dividend it now pays to listen to dem-stuffs is a repayment of vulgarity to the ears.

It is a shame to know that political contagion has made its way into every sector of civil society, the press, student unions NGOs and now the musical industry

Last nail for media coffin 

Mr. Express is appalled that the Supreme Court of Sierra Leone has driven the last nail in the coffin of  Freedom  of the press as it has ruled in favour of government’s insistence to have the monstrous Public Order Act of 1965 hover over the works of media men and women in carrying out their work as public servant.

Mr. Express is not surprised though as it has once noted the disgusting marriage among all the arms of government-Executive, parliament, judiciary all fused!

But there is also the need for SLAJ to know that they might have been barking up the wrong tree. The call for a change of law is not with the judiciary but the legislative. Remember-the only thing that parliament cannot do is to change a man into a woman or a woman into a man. Focus on the parliament, Mr. SLAJ president.

TV monopoly

Viewers of public TV are now restricted to viewing only the usual government operated television – SLBS TV.

Though many improvements have been made on programmes aired on the state owned and operated TV, viewers are still very bored with the long government and APC oriented programmes as well as the unprofessional portrayal of programs. The SLBS-TV is a national disgrace, and should be properly updated with better staff to meet international standards. Too many mediocre presenters and other staff are spoiling the broth.

For now, the only alternative, the ABC TV now seems to have disappeared from view.

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