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SLPP vs APC Le 524 Bn…chopped?

SLPP vs APC Le 524 Bn…chopped?

‘Dabaroo’ a word frequently used by the Creoles to describe criminals, con artists, liars and dishonest people is apparently accredited to politicians on proof of unholy governance conduct.

Just recently, I mean last week, liar politicians have had field days accusing each other of surrendering and not surrendering Le 524 billions into the coffers of Sierra Leone’s account.

And don’t you even question people’s labeling of Sierra Leonean politicians as ‘liars.’

It is definitive though that the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) spent 11 good years in governance.

In 2007, the SLPP lost the election to the APC and the truncheon of power automatically changed hands; President Ernest Bai Koroma took inheritance of state leadership from Kabbah.

To the wider world, it was lauded as a good idea and good social equality in a democratic dispensation.

But things began to go messy when politicians of either parties – SLPP and APC shamelessly argued over Le 524 billion.

Just last week, and after almost four years of governance, Sierra Leoneans in Kenema (Eastern province) were taken aback shortly after getting appalling revelation from President Koroma that the SLPP did not leave Le 524 billion in accounts of government as claimed at all.

This however ignited debates consequently leading to claims and counter claims from both sides – SLPP and APC.

It was a whopping disappointment and downright unprofessionalism that while the President was saying one thing, his Finance Minister was saying otherwise, nay negating or rather disproving his boss’ declaration.

Of course, the Finance Minister, Samura Kamara, at a press briefing at the Information Ministry provided documentary evidence showcasing how money left by the SLPP was spent.

He was quick to say that the Bank of Sierra Leone was financing debt on behalf of Sierra Leone. That at the time Sierra Leone reached HIPC completion point (period of SLPP rule), the bank had the sum of Le 524.3 billion in the MDRI special account which should have been used to finance further debt service due to the IMF as they fall due for the APC.

It was all shaming that a State Minister in the person of Alpha Kanu was on air (Universal Radio 98.7) enjoyably deceiving Sierra Leoneans that no money was left in coffers of government by the SLPP.

Allow me to ask the President whether confessions from his Finance Minister bears fabrication, or that documentary analysis of how the Le 524 billion found in accounts at the Central Bank was spent, are untrue?

This indeed is the true picture of the behaviour of Sierra Leonean politicians; perfect liars.

Little wonder though that instead of the Minister of Political Affairs, Alpha Kanu, honestly admitting to the fact that there was Le 524 billion in the account at Bank of Sierra Leone, he was busy deceiving the public with words such a ‘fiscal’ and bla bla bla etc.

Call it black or white, red or pink, yellow or blue; it is unquestionable that there was money in the coffers of Sierra Leone’s account, but it was uneconomically spent on infrastructure and fluctuating or virtually no result making Bumbuna hydro.

Could it be that Alpha Kanu (minister of political affairs) was removed from the Ministry of Mines because they want him inhabit the office of political affairs so that he can carry on spreading misleading information to society at will?

Presumptions have it that Minister Alpha Kanu is an under-performer, but good at propaganda.

Now join me, study the pictographic display of whom they say discusses the disputed Le 524 billion… Di Pa, Lie B, Alifa Kann and Pa Samura Di Talk true.

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