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How they stand – SLPP Flagbearer Race

How they stand – SLPP Flagbearer Race

In the wake of the decision of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) to remove their matter from Court on the night of Saturday, 25th June, 2011, we conducted a snap survey all over the country to gauge how the contenders for the flagbearership now stand.

Below are the seven highest scorers:

30% Alhaji Usman Boie Kamara

25% Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio

10% Dr. Kadi Sesay

10% Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie

9%   Alhaji Momodu Koroma

8%   Mr. Alpha Timbo

8%   Dr. Bu Buakei Jabbie

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  • To Christina Tucker’s point…you are right, Obama won with money. But he raised his money within the bounds of campaign finance laws in America. It was the mostly ordinary people that contributed (from $10, $20, $100, etc)to the obama campaign. I wonder how Usman Boie got his money.

    22nd July 2011
  • Usman Boi! you are free to spend money on your campain. Just as the Bible say, “Freely you receive, and freely must you give back. Remember you are dishing out money that was mentould be a for the people of Sa.Lone.It could be a cause to him rather than a blessing.The people will show him their support but behind their minds they will do something funny. Trust me.Luntha

    26th June 2011
  • Oh my good God another mercenary for the mother land. This time round he will build an airport in kindia and later relocate . ha aaar No way are we going to let that happen . SLPP was a pain .Kabba was something else. Its vote that count anyway. So the man can give back his loot to our poor people . We are not shaken at all.

    26th June 2011
  • Usman Boie is leading them all, that’s just an undeniable fact…The man is strikingly rich financially and purses wealth of education back up with tsunami international connection …..and he can out spend all of them…Money rules, so what do you expect? The others have to find ways to raise funds other-wise it’s going to be a problem for them….. Obama wins with money and out spends all the other candidates…… SLPP, it’s about time we face the reality….It takes money, experience back up with international connections to contest President Koroma….. He’s still likeable by many…. I used to be supporter of Maada and I like him very much, don’t get me wrong…But I think, Usu posses more than him…..

    26th June 2011
  • I have been following this paper since 2008 and I think it’s far the best than any of the rest…. it has showcase objectivity up to this point….and it still mentain that so far… and there are times when papers take sides as that is normal in the media world yesterday, today and will also be the same tomorrow… I am a journalist myself, so I know what I’m saying…Even the New York Times, London Post/Times all takes side… My only advice to the managing editor is that, please be careful and try not to get used by politician for they are not realiable….you can use your discretion, yes, but do it so wisely…

    26th June 2011
  • I was dissapointed last night by maada’s action for not showing up…. It’s a shame!!! For me, I won’t denied this surey simply because UBK’s people ar the once winning… So let do the map… Felt really dissapointed @ Maada…

    26th June 2011

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