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The Hunter – with MS Biro (the PEN): EK and JB’s encounter

The Hunter – with MS Biro (the PEN): EK and JB’s encounter

JB: Did you hear the Minister of Trade’s submission with reference to the economic brouhaha in the country?

EK: What was wrong with what he said?

JB: Ha! Is that all you can say – considering…?

EK: What more is there to say?

JB: For God’s sake EK, I’m only trying to be objective; I’m talking abut the general welfare of the masses of this country. It doesn’t really mater whether you belong to the Sun, the Tree or the Elephant, things are not taking the right direction anymore.

EK: …and who do you want to blame for all of this?

JB: who is the incumbent government by the way?

EK: There you are! You want to talk about my party, right!

JB:  There you are! You are ringing round for loyalty in political party right? That is not patriotism.

EK: How do you mean? – Because you are beginning to get on my nerves.

JB: See, patriotism is not about being born in a particular country; it is about you putting your country first, criticizing objectively among other things regardless of your affinity with the current system. It is also about you knowing your right and limitations coupled with your responsibilities.

EK: I only hope you are not in any way implying that I do not know my responsibilities a citizen?

JB: Don’t get me wrong, EK. I’m saying that we should be loyal only to Mama Salone. Political parties are here to disintegrate the unity and oneness we should be having. They (political parties) come and go, but Sierra Leone will always remain for us and our children’s children unborn .What makes you a genuine Sierra Leonean is your constructive criticism against any other system that will ever takeover the ruling basket of this country.

EK: Thank you for everything. I say thank you once more for taking the wool off my eyes.  Frankly speaking, I thought I was doing good to myself and my country with the loyalty I have been expressing on behalf of my political party.  I would have continued like this, but for you, until posterity come and judge me.

JB: thanks for your understanding. Please help fellow Sierra Leoneans that our problems will always remain with us unless and until we ignore the calls of political parties and run towards nationalism; there are only three colours in Sierra Leone: Green, White and Blue

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