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And the suffering continues under our Red Sun

And the suffering continues under our Red Sun

Up to Friday of last week people were still queuing for fuel, especially for petrol. In spite of the APC government’s propaganda that there was no fuel shortage and that it was there merely for the asking, which of course must be accompanied by Le 5,000 per litre or for us who have still not embraced the metric system, Le 22,500 per gallon. This is the system under which we live; when a government propagandist stretches his hands and says “good day” one might do well to look up at the sky before responding in the affirmative. As for the travelling public, they are at the mercy of transport operators who in turn complain that there was no discussion with the government over how to absorb the increase. The commuters are forced by heartless transport operators to break their journeys into segments, while paying separate fares for each segment. I had previously referred to the continuing escalation in the price of basic commodities like palm oil and vegetables.  I bought a 50kg. bag of rice the other day for Le 17,000 and somebody told me I was lucky.  Whither are we Mohamed One Ddrop, Sheik Sesey, I B M Kamara and others? You still think we’ve never had it so good and that tiday betteh pass yesterday?

As for the clowns of mama salone en pikin at for-di-people newspaper, one day they will wake up to the reality of life for the average Sierra Leone as they continue to believe that Christiana Thorpe did the correct thing in September 2007. Of course the column cannot be the same unless there is mention, in the most derogatory terms of John Benjamin and Dr. Banya. It must be their aphrodisiac, similar to what it did to late Olu Gordon  every time he referred to me as “Osama Banya.” Well at least this Osama is alive and well with no fear of the United States Special Forces.  (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

I never fail to be amused whenever apologists refer to the SLPP as a party of violence when compared with the new APC. Could this be the same outfit that spontaneously descended on and wrecked the SLPP headquarters immediately Christiana Thorpe declared Ernest as the winner of the Presidential runoff? Or is it the other outfit that ransacked the SLPP office on another occasion and destroyed its radio? Surely it couldn’t be the same outfit that shamelessly threw urine at an SLPP delegation which was visiting the state house at the invitation of the honourable Vice President. My goodness, what an interesting bunch of hypocrites. Hopefully and quite soon we shall put all the doomsayers for the SLPP as being on the verge of self-annihilation to shame. A year ago there was fracas at the APC headquarters and a party elder and supporter who went to restrain the attackers was himself given the beaten of his life. But such events don’t really matter with our detractors because we are not the party in power. As for the majority press, they continue to pretend that all is well with the economy and the people of this country.

It is the prescriptive right of the general delegates at the party convention to choose their leaders and at the same time the Flag bearer of the SLPP. They will NOT, repeat, NOT be influenced by the unsolicited opinion of any conceited individuals or groups. This must be planted firmly in the minds of those who believe that they have any right to determine who shall lead us.

Now the answer to last week’s conundrum:-

Queen Elizabeth the second – SOVEREIGN  or 1Pd.
What she wears – A CROWN or 5 shillings
A kind of pig –  A GUINEA or 1Pd 1 sh.
A dealer in leather- TANNER or 6 pence
Dutch currency FLORIN or 2 shs.

Now readers the exercise becomes easy; all you have to do now is total the above in pounds, shillings and pence.

Have a beautiful day.

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