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50th independence honours

50th independence honours

I must apologise to readers that they had only one issue of the Puawui column last week; the reason was part mechanical and then other important party matters were taking up the time. Amidst all that OBBA and even Easter came and went, culminating in the usual Easter Monday festival. True we Freetonians are an interesting lot. No wonder that we are being constantly fed with the APC propaganda that “Tiday betteh pass yesterday.” The masquerades and the joyous but peaceful crowds were out in full force on Easter Monday as in the past. Amidst it all there were the anxious faces over what they’ll eat on returning home. The cost of living continues to spiral dizzily out of control and now the real probability of fuel price being hiked to AT LEAST Le20,000 per gallon or Le4,500 per litre when we go metric. But for our APC the first thing we will do is to dance on streets in recognition of his Excellency transforming our lives for the better since they came to power in 2007.  (Photo: Dr Sama Banya)

In the meantime Puawui is pleased to share with his readers a supplementary list of honours that will not appear in the official government release; in the unlikely event that they do, it would be for a different reason.

The nation’s Supreme Order of the Republic to Solomon Ekuma Berewa, Presidential candidate in the 2007 Presidential race.  For refusing to act in a manner that would certainly have plunged this country into civil war perhaps more catastrophic than the eleven year imbroglio that engulfed this country between 1991 and 2002. If he was not overwhelmingly patriotic, Solomon Berewa who by all facts win that race but was denied the crown could have acted as Laurent Gbagbo did in the Ivory Coast and refused to concede accept the result and with justification. It is now well established that he was robbed of the honour and in broad daylight too.

Premier Award second class to Winston Minah and Edward Nyallay. For an unusual display of integrity that is not found in many figures faced with a similar situation in our continent. They refused to compromise themselves with Christiana Thorpe’s intrigue in tampering with the election results and thus giving out figures which were at variance with reality. In the end they lost their positions but again they did not make a force out of it all. The others who acquiesced in the notorious act soon found themselves no longer useful to the good lady’s modus operandi.

For their role in keeping the population informed as well as keeping their hopes in democracy alive, Alie Bangura (Abdul Hakim), Dr. Julius Spencer (Joe Williams), and Hannah Foulah (Yebu Dumbuya).These three were the star performers of Radio Democracy, FM98.1. Their voice was a rallying cry comparable with that of Winston Churchill in Britain’s was with Nazi Germany.

Ha ha, I note with amusement that an amateur on the for-di-people newspaper is struggling to replace the late Olu Gordon as the original Peep. In the first place he had assumed the title even though the original and more sarcastic Peep was alive. In his latest effort he tells the story of an uncontrolled emotional and weeping Puawui over the imagined conflagration in the opposition SLPP. The he publishes a photograph of Puawui clapping hands with glee at the alleged in-fighting. Readers could see that the man is not even intelligent enough to note the paradox, but it doesn’t matter with him as long as he takes a poke at Puawui. He ought to learn by now that it is not always profitable to take on this 84 or is it 104 old man. Be warned!

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  • Dr. Sama banya is crazy and mad. Were you expecting Dr. Thorpe to do the likes of James Jonah by just deducting the excess votes and declare the most greed and power drunk Solomon Berewa who destroy and intimidate people that he feel are opposed to him as president? No doubt, that is why kabbah compensated him by making him Minister of Finance. N’yalay election commissioner south was one of the people who caused the demise of SLPP and Berewa. Some of us know what that corrupt man did in Bo from 2006 to 2007. He supported and accepted vote rigging on behalf of SLPP. Banya come on and say the truth if you are a true Christian thank casting blames on others.
    Those days are gone when a group of self protracted individuals, like Banya and others will take Sierra Leone into ransom.
    I just want to tell this old fool that, solomon Berewa wouldn’t have been able to do anything in Sierra Leone as you felt. It would have been a demise for you as you would have been the first person to be killed.
    We know some of you supported Foday Sankoh and let me tell you Sama, the old man, you can go again to kailahun court barry and start another rebellion plan but this time you and your selfish groups will lose the battle with disgrace.
    It is believed that old people always lose their IQ, therefore I am asking old man Banya to go for mental check up.
    Old man, do you feel Sierra Leone is better than China and other western countries in the world where cost of living and fuel are increasing every day? You are low sighted in your way of thinking and if you feel SLPP owns Sierra Leone and by you people, you are day dreaming. It is better for you now to star packing your bundle and be ready to go again into the bush.

    29th April 2011

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