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Wretched SLPP youths misbehave!

Wretched SLPP youths misbehave!

It has reached ‘Mr. Express’ that some individuals who say they are supporters of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) seem indoctrinate attitudes inimical to state peace.

Just a few days ago, to make specific Wednesday, hooligans and food finders, identifying themselves as youths of the SLPP were at the frontage of their party office, chanting and reciting slogans against the SLPP Chairman John O. Benjamin.

Shut up, and it is not anybody’s business to tell me ‘Mr. Express’ refrain using invectives at recklessly hopelessly useless ghetto youths, who have no future, but just be around selfish politicians for their living.

As for you, I mean John Benjamin, Maada Bio and Usman Boie; it is continually told to me (Mr. Express) that violence perpetrated by youths of SLPP radiates from the three of you.

Of course, and I am in no doubt convinced Sierra Leone has long come out of old decayed nonsense- war, violence and riotous conduct.

“John Benjamin and J.J Saffa must go, John Benjamin must stay,” all nonsense; I say complete nonsense.

How dare, if not challenging are so-called SLPP youths to determine the tenure of office of an elected Chairman of a political party, or are they telling officials of the political party registration commission (PPRC) that they are ineffectual  and cannot effectively monitor conducts of political parties?

Less I forget, it is unsuitably becoming monotonous of members of the SLPP that instead of them putting structures in place, they have had time targeting each other.

Have not Sierra Leoneans taken aback when Monologue radio hosted who they say are SLPP bigwigs for a talk?

All of what was discussed bears no taste of public  concern, but real time personality assassination; using heavy words to shoot, kill, murder and or eliminate opponent flag-bearer contenders- too good to be too bad.

My last word is, “power as at today’s politics is owned by the electorates. Allow them choose you or not choose you at all lonta!”

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