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APC-NA Chairman and Fundraising Ambassador extend peace and reconciliation to APC Canada Branch

APC-NA Chairman and Fundraising Ambassador extend peace and reconciliation to APC Canada Branch

The survival and success of any organization is its ability and efforts to maintain peace and unity within its members.  As a means of promoting its agenda of peace, unity and reconciliation in APC-NA, Canada and Mexico, the Chairman of APC-NA, Mr. Aziz Turay and APC Fundraising Ambassador, Honorable Dauda T. Bangura visited Canada where they were privileged to meet with members of the APC Toronto and Winnipeg Chapters to familiarize and address issues facing the chapters.  According to the two APC officials they were received with enthusiasm and accorded hospitality by the two chapters and the peace and reconciliation mission was a big success.

In an interview with Mr. Aziz Turay and Honorable Dauda Tombo Bangura, I asked them about the outcome of their mission to Canada.

DTB: Mr. Sherman, thank you for the interview. First and foremost our mission to Canada is to unite and reconcile members of the APC Toronto and Winnipeg Chapters who felt that they had been in isolation from activities of APC-NA.  However, with our message of peace and reconciliation, members of the chapters developed a sense of commitment and solidarity with the APC and pledge unflinching support for the party and President Ernest B. Koroma.

AT: The peace mission to Canada was timely and yielded fruitful results.  We are able to address pertinent issues affecting members of the APC Canada Branch and we initiated a renewed commitment of members to the APC party.  As a whole, the process was deliberated in a cordial and fraternal manner and we are accorded the best hospitality ever imagine.

Mr. Bangura, as the APC Fundraising Ambassador and peace envoy what challenges are you facing in implementing these tasks?

DTB:  As a Global Fundraising Ambassador for the APC party, the task is challenging considering the many commitments members are facing.  Notwithstanding, I have set up committees in Germany, Britain and the United States to ensure that our budgetary goals for 2012 are met.  However, despite the efforts I am exerting as a peace envoy by trying to unite chapters, one chapter in the United States has decided to go solo in their fundraising.  With such decision, I have no qualm about that because all proceeds realized from fundraising will be channeled to the appropriate body designated by the APC party.  With regard to the peace initiative-peace is a gradual process that takes time to manifest itself.  Nevertheless, with the recent New Jersey peace initiative in which Ambassador Stevens participated, there is a realization of certain level of peace because all the rancor and indifferences have been minimized.  My prediction for the peace process in North America to become an absolute reality is after the 5oth Independence Anniversary celebrations where members will witness and listen to President Koroma’s message of unity and reconciliation.  They will also have the opportunity see what our dynamic president is doing in Sierra Leone and I believe most skeptics and distractors will have a positive change of attitude about APC-NA which is a duly elected administration.

Mr. Aziz is your administration receiving cooperation from chapter members or are there obstacles to achieve your goals and objectives?

AT: Mr. Sherman as you are aware, there are always distractions and discontents from few individuals who want to usher their secret and selfish agendas.  Notwithstanding, the APC-NA is doing perfectly well and I can assure you that this is the most effective administration we have had in the United States.  Despite the few distractors who have their hidden agenda, officials are working fervently and assiduously to fulfill our goals and objectives for the enhancement and success of the APC party.  APC-NA is working hard to ensure that President Ernest Koroma wins a landslide victory and receives more parliamentary seats in 2012.

Does APC-NA have plans for the observance of the 50th anniversary celebrations?

AT: Yes, we have plans to fully participate in the 50th anniversary celebrations.  However, communication is a problem.  Nevertheless, we will mobilize ourselves to ensure that APC-NA contribute to the success of the 5oth anniversary.

Hon. Bangura, what comments do you have about the task of implementing fundraising worldwide?

DTB: Well, the fundraising has been gaining momentum everyday.  In the past some APC members have been having doubts about where their contributions are channeled. However, with the appointment of a Fundraising Ambassador for the first time, party members are now at ease and confident that fundraising proceeds will be channeled to the appropriate body.  In fact when I arrived from Canada, I received an email from the fundraising chairman in London commending me about the efforts I am undertaking.  He expressed that with such initiative; they are motivated and will ensure that President Ernest Koroma receives 70% of the votes in 2012.

Mr. Aziz Turay, do you have any word of encouragement for members of APC-NA, Canada and Mexico?

AT:  It is a pleasure to be interviewed in your renowned online newspaper.  The message I would like to relay to all APC members is that we, APC-NA members are working very hard to ensure that our glory and dignity is realized.  We assured the APC Canada Branch that APC-NA will work towards their success and input in all matters concerning the APC party.  Furthermore, we will also work as a united front to ensure the success of President Ernest Koroma and the APC party.  I am therefore appealing to all APC members to reconcile their indifferences and form an indomitable a tangible force to reckon with come 2012

Hon Bangura do you have any word of advice for APC members and matters regarding fundraising matters?

DTB: Mr. Sherman thank you again for the interview.  What I want to say is wherever you are in the world, Sierra Leone is our country.  It is unprecedented to have a president who is working assiduously.   I have witnessed our colonial masters and past governments method of governance but have never seen a president like President Koroma who is working so hard with honesty and transparency.  I am appealing to all Sierra Leoneans that there is no election without adequate money to finance it, in order for President Koroma to achieve maximum votes of 70%, we need to contribute immensely to meet our budgetary goal.  For APC members in the United Sates and Canada, unity among members will enable us to raise money.  It is therefore paramount for all members to work together as brothers and sisters because the APC government under the leadership of President Koroma is working for the interest of Sierra Leone.  For those other political parties members like the PMDC who left their party because of the unprecedented job President Koroma is doing, and for the SLPP, we are all have one thing in common-that is Mama Sierra Leone.  However, with the development and good governance President Koroma is doing, he should be given a chance to continue his spate of development and progress because five years is insufficient to implement his plans for Sierra Leone.  I believe that with the legacy and model he is implementing for future leaders to emulate another APC President will emerge in 2012.

By Joseph S. Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, New Daily Nation

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