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Kono and the politics of deception

Kono and the politics of deception

It happened in Kailahun in 2009. The President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had plans to visit the people of that district; he had been longing to do just that  After all, as father of the nation he was obliged to visit the people of Kailahun; they are his people despite Kailahun being the home of the opposition.  (Photo: Masingbi-Kono road)

But the question was what gift will he present to them for them to believe that he truly loved and cared for them? He needed to impress on them that he is and still remains their leader

Two years into his tenure, he must have been getting worried that he has not met with his Kailahun people. And Kailahun people too must have been asking why their president was ignoring them. Was it that they were not part of his government? These were questions that would preoccupy the minds of political observers at the time.

We are sure the president must have been looking forward to an opportune time; waiting for the most auspicious time to pay the visit. It was not just a matter of going there to bore them with the usual speeches or promises that never materialize.

He was looking for something to take home to them, something tangible, something that would convince them so that they accept him as their leader, party business notwithstanding.

The idea of the Kenema-Koindu road cropped up. This would be the good news he will take home to them, he must have said to himself: the commissioning of the road!

And indeed, the magic worked. Newspaper headlines following the visit captured details of the historic moment. ‘APC captures Kailahun!’ was one of the broad headlines, depicting the overwhelming reception that was accorded the president, typical of the hospitality of the Mende man!

Two years after that commissioning ceremony no road has been constructed leading to Koindu.

But the President had already achieved his objective: to meet with his Kailaihun people who he had neglected the past two years and told them the things they wanted to hear most: their road.

Now is Kono’s turn to play host to the president. Like he did for Kailaihun, the president would not go to Kono empty handed. The reasons are many: Kono is home of his in-laws, one must not be seeing visiting an in-law empty handed. Tradition frowns on such visit.

So, from our investigation, President Koroma’s visit will serve a dual purpose. Firstly, he will be serving as guest of honour to the much anticipated but delayed inauguration ceremony of the APC Kono District Chairlady, Diana Konomanyi which event has been slated for 19th March 2011.

We are told that the president will use the occasion to mend fences between Diana on the one hand and the Vice President Chief Sam-Sumana and First Lady, Sia Nyama Koroma on the other.

It should be recalled that controversy arose recently relating to the inauguration of Diana as District Charlady for the APC. The palava attracted public attention and by extension got the president on his verves.

So he will use the occasion to straighten things so that his in-laws will get on well again at least for the good of the district.

But the president will not be doing all this without his usual reassurances. Like he did in Kailaihun, the Masingbi-Kono road and plans to reconstruct the roads in Kono city would be the primary focus of his visit.

Already, a generator has been installed in Kono without any immediate plans to start it.  But that is politics!

And that is what the President wants the Konos to hear, the transformation of Kono into a real city – good roads, pipe-borne water, regular electricity, etc.

But the question is, like the Koindu road, would these projects meet the expectation of the Konos, or would it be the same old story – politics of deception?

We hope, this time it will be different with Kono. Hopefully!

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  • I love kono,and kono is my home,am impress what our father of this nation say that he is going make kono look likes a city.Is a man of is word,a man that stand by is word.may the almighty God guide ,protect him for us.Dr koroma i know that u have the nation at heart,please sir continue your good job,am the son of late Alhaji Amadu N’duru Bah of 15 Massingbi Road,Long live the president,v p.fist lady,second lady of this nation.And also my entire N’duru family.

    13th May 2011

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