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Ghadaffi is a plethora of problems and still finds pleasure in mayhem and blood-shed

Ghadaffi is a plethora of problems and still finds pleasure in mayhem and blood-shed

Colonel Muamarr Ghadaffi (in photo) who usurped power forty two years ago from his uncle in a palace coup d’état, is the longest unconstitutional dictator among African and Arab leaders. His defiance to the call of liberty and freedom by the Libyan people has openly exposed him as a recalcitrant dictator who cannot listen to the call for democratic governance.  Forty two years of dictatorial and tyrannical rule with mayhem unleashed in Sub-Saharan Africa is enough for him to gracefully exit and atone for his barbaric deeds. 

The second of his oldest seven sons, Saif Islam Gaddafi, who perhaps is groomed for the throne in Libya or the de-facto self ‘crown Prince’ who pronounced in a recent television broadcast that Libya would be plunged into a civil war, and he would fight to the last man than to relinquish power to the protesting Libyans for freedom is a disease and replica of his father who cannot see reason to prevail despite signals of catastrophe and mayhem that looms over Libya.  Stubbornness is a disease that is often seen to affect some world leaders in the past as well as present times that may culminate either to their downfall or ultimate demise. It happened in Nazi Germany with the German dictator Adolf Hitler, in Kosovo with Milosevic, in Sierra Leone with the RUF rebel leader  Corporal Foday Sankoh .In our time we are witnessing the standoff in Abidjan capital of Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

With Laurent Gbagbo’s refusal to step down, having lost the general election to the opposition candidate Lansana Ouattara, a series of ongoing protests in Manama capital of Bahrain against the khalifa, and protests in Sanna, Yemen against the dynasty of Sheikh Saleh, when and where next is anybody’s guess.  These protests for democratic governance depict the wind of change that is taking pace in the Arab world and I am sure no amount of suppression will stop it because as the saying goes, “the voice of the people is the voice of God.”

What we are now looking at is the ugly picture of a man or monster that has instilled fear to mankind, not only to his neighbors but the entire globe. His name is synonymous with the Lockerbie bombing of the TWA airline in Scotland. The late president of Egypt Anwar Sadat once named him as ‘IL MAGNUUN LIBI’ meaning the lunatic of Libya. The late President of the United States Ronald Reagan referred to him as ‘the man with the evil empire.’ He is also known as the man that fomented the war in Sierra Leone and Liberia by sponsoring the rebel Foday Sankoh of Sierra Leone and Charles Taylor of Liberia who is now facing trial in the International Court of justice in the Hague for crimes against humanity. In those wars sufferings were made known to the world ranging from drugged and forceful conscription of child soldiers, rape, torture and mayhem in the hacking of limbs of innocent civilians.   Memories of which are still present with victims seen roaming in various parts of Sierra Leone.

Dr Augustine Kamara, author

The scourges of war in both countries have left a legacy of underdevelopment and abject poverty to the peoples of Liberia and Sierra Leone in particular and various repercussions in West African states. It is sad to say this especially for the Libyan people who may not be part and parcel of the dictator’s actions. However, for the sake of humanity the saying that the sins of the father shall visit the children is unraveling in Libya and this is to tell all the bad guys around the world  that’ what goes around comes around’ as is truly said in the Sierra Leone parlance in Creole “TIDAY FOR ME TOMORROW FOR YOU.”

Can you imagine that, with all the bloody stained hands Ghadaffi carries, he has the audacity, and the magnanimity of vying for power to become the President of proposed United States of Africa? With the beast of no nation – a plethoric titles he carries, the mentally deranged Ghadaffi, his eccentric, selfish identification and egoist was thwarted of not becoming the President of African Union. Thanks to the East African leaders, the mentally deranged could not bulldoze them with his bloody oil money that he uses, to carry his barbaric acts around the world.  Kudos to East Africa.

As opposed to some of our notorious West African leaders, who would have sold their birth or God-given right for a bag of rice or a pinch of salt or chicken change and would have sold the ballot to the vampire Ghadaffi of Libya. The lunatic Ghadaffi cherishes nothing but the spilling of innocent blood – a real’ Dracula’ of our times, he is drinking the blood of his people through his ill-gotten wealth, he enjoys his folly by hiring mercenary snipers from South Africa to shoot and kill his people like a game park hunt in broad daylight while hovering helicopters are shooting at ambulances carrying the wounded killing unarmed protesters in this our 21st century.

Like father like son, Saif al Islam Gaddafi a nexus to the same evil Ghadaffi genome and in no hidden terms, voraciously thirsty for a blood bath, publicly vowed to fight to the last man, thereby declaring war to toothless, clawless and harmless protesters which is a crime against humanity.

Does this mean we are yet to witness genocide like that of Rwanda in Africa? A western power, the French witnessed the massacre in Rwanda.  Did the French not intervene to save humanity in Abidjan as colonial masters their role is still unspecified?  .Where is the world powers or the new world order? What has happened to Arab league? Where is the UN, The Security Council, or AU?  I guess they are still contemplating what to do.  Mr. Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki Moon please act quickly to stop the massacres going on in Libya, let there be a formula of ‘prevention better than cure,’ posterity will judge us if not now but hereafter.  Enough is enough to all dictatorship, lets make the world safe, lovely and habitable.

Dr. Augustine A. Kamara, Virginia, USA

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  • Dr. Kamara,
    I’m not sure who should run the country.
    Gaddfi is a “plethora of problems.”
    On the other hand their are increasing reports that racism against Africans in Libya has turned to violence against African families at the hands of the rebels. I would appreciate your thoughts on the article below.

    Gaddafi’s ‘African mercenaries’: Myth or reality?


    9th March 2011

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